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Things you didn't think would be annoying

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just for fun thought I would start a post of things "I didn't think would be annoying until I had a baby"!

for me it's baby clothes that have snaps! I hate one piece outfits with snaps that go all the way down- they require a onesie underneath and my baby's have always hated to be changed and kicking legs and buttons don't go together! 

Re: Things you didn't think would be annoying

  • @serenaxo84 I had heard the snap thing, so I got footie pajamas with zippers. While the zipper is easy, I don't like putting him in it at night because it is harder to get his feet in and out of during changes! I just am sticking with gowns at night so I don't have to do anything. 
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  • I'm not a fan of the snaps either, I definitely prefer the zip up sleepers. I also find onesies annoying in general, i haven't mastered getting them over baby's head real well yet. 
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    +1 on the dislike of snap sleepers. Also, not a big fan of Luv's diapers. Barely wet diapers feel like they are soaked. 
  • +1 on the snaps. it's like a rubix cube at 3am. 
    I find washing bottles annoying at times, therapeutic at other tttimes.  
  • For night time you MUST get bags. No messing with snaps or wiggly feet. To illustrate:

  • The Cat and Jack sleepers from target with the zippers are amazing! $12.99 for three of them and they zip from the bottom so you can pull out their feet and change and zip down. I use them almost every night!
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  • I have that ducky one. It's still so huge on her. Which I understand they are supposed to be sacks but even the arms have to be rolled three times. But I agree they're great for nighttime. And we will be using them when she outgrows her zippered bean swaddles as we call them. @NoraAurora
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  • Agree with the snaps and I also hate the gowns wroth the open bottom. They're a PITA to get on her!
  • I have a couple of the sleep bags but baby is too small for them right now, the arms are huge. We use the Halo sleep sacks though at night and she loves it and it's pretty easy to change her.
  • @kennelchick ugh I loathe bottle washing I think it's because I also have to wash all my pump parts. I do love that my dr browns bottles can be pumped right into tho saving me one wash!
  • @noraaurora ohhh we have some of those! What do you put LO in under it? 
  • Agreed on the snaps ... I stick to kimono tops and swaddling or sleep sack right now at night. And zipper outfits during the day. 

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  • Am I the only one who hates bath time? Even being right there holding onto him, I still have this "DON'T LET HIM DROWN!" alarm going off in my head constantly. And it hurts my back to bend over that bathtub like that =/ my sinks are all wrong for baby bathing or I'd just wash him in there!
  • @AllyTheKid I hate bath time too. I let DH handle it because it makes me nervous. 
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  • @noraaurora ohhh we have some of those! What do you put LO in under it? 
    Zutano booties and a diaper! That's all she needs. 
  • @AllyTheKid I'm not a fan of bath time either. it's a pain in the ass, H insists on "helping" but in reality it would probably just be easier to do myself. I do like how well she sleeps after.
  • I just bath with baby. I go in and have some "me" time for about twenty minutes then hubby brings me baby and takes her when I am done. I find it much easier and I find it does a better job. I always worry about her getting too cool if I bath her in the baby tub as her bum is really the only thing submerged (my sinks don't work for it either).
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  • @orangeEv and then he pees all over his head! 
  • @CopperBoom86 YES. Carseats blow...
  • +1 on the car seats. I also hate putting my Tony little baby in one. I mean...tiny is relative, he was 9.2 lbs at birth. Anyway, he just looks so small and vulnerable in there. And, I feel like the straps are bigger than his neck/head. 
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  • I feel the same way @F47! I hate the angle of his head but I'm apprehensive to use an insert because I've heard they're not safe. 

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  • I HATE clothes with snaps I've come to learn too!
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  • The never ending spit up after every feeding. She's gaining well but omg we are doing so much laundry 
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  • The never ending spit up after every feeding. She's gaining well but omg we are doing so much laundry 
    Same. Laundry is crazy! 
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    Married: May 2011
    TTC #1: May 2015
    DS: 10/20/2016
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  • I learned about the dreaded snaps with my first one and wanted to curse anyone who got us snap sleepers for this one. 

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  • @BabySunshine4 me too! I had to change DS at a Taco Bell on the way home from a vacation and they didn't have changing stations. Luckily he was 2 and could stand up so I had to figure it out that way and unfortunately it was a #2. 

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  • I dislike restrooms that don't have changing table stations, it makes changing diapers so much more difficult. 
    And why don't more men's rooms have them? My husband would do it in public if it weren't so dang impossible. 
  • Lol, last week my mom volunteered to change him in a restaurant. She came back to get a blanket because the only surface to change him on was the trash can lid- ick! When we got home 2 hours later, I realized there's a built in changing pad on my diaper fail! 
  • What is annoying to me recently: People comparing how my babies do/don't look alike. Especially when it's in the vein of implying that one is cuter than the other. OR asking of they have the same father  :| WTAF?
  • @kmyers228 the same thing happened to me and this is baby #3! I say lets blame it on the lack if sleep
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  • ball4768 said:
    @AllyTheKid We get that all the time because DD1 had blue eyes and fair skin, while DH and I have dark eyes and olive skin. People always ask, "Where did those blue eyes come from?" It's genetics, people. Of course, sometimes we tell them she got them from the mailman...
    Lol, H's parents used to tell him he came from the mailman. H is white/American Indian and the mailman was black. He believed them. Hahaha
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