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maternity jeans question.....am i going to make it?

Hi former mamas, question for you on maternity clothes....

I'm 19 weeks preg with my first, purchased two pairs of maternity jeans from HM in my normal size. They fit perfectly. Not too tight, not too loose, and the band is so comfortable. My husband suggested I go exchange one of the pairs for a size up to give me "growing room," but I don't know as 1) they stretch and 2) isn't the point of maternity jeans to be able to wear your size all through? 

What's been your experience? Do you outgrow maternity clothes (particularly trousers and jeans) or did they last you till the end? 

Re: maternity jeans question.....am i going to make it?

  • If you only grow in your belly area then they will be fine because the elastic band will stretch. If you gain weight all over and your butt/thighs get bigger then there's a chance you will need a bigger size. Every body is different and there's no predicting how your body will grow with your pregnancy. 
  • I had a problem with my maternity jeans staying up since you essentially lose your waist. I ended up in leggings and maxi skirts toward the end of my pregnancy. At a certain point jeans became too uncomfortable anyway.
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  • My maternity jeans were fine until I hit my last month and my thighs started to get a little bit bigger from my excess water weight. They still fit, but they were a lot less comfortable than they were initially.

    Like PP said, if you are fortunate enough to only gain weight in your belly, then you can stay in your original size. Some people do need to size up to stay comfortable the entire time because your weight gain does not always stay in your belly.
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  • This is the hardest for me. If you are above a size 18, GOOD LUCK. I went to a local Motherhood store and their plus size section is 1 rack. One size is way too big and the other is way too small and $58 a pair? Got the pair that fit the best and they stretch out way too much. 

    Giving Wal-Mart a try. They have maternity jeans online for $16 and even if they don't fit I'm not out much. And if you need to size up or down during pregnancy it's a cheal solution. 
  • Unless you gain too much weight, there's a good chance that you will fit in the ones that you got until you get to the last month but there's also a good chance that you will not fit in them the last month. Still, I wouldn't return them for the one potential month, when you can wear them for 4-5 months. If cost is a concern, then I would look at Old Navy or Target, or maybe a second hand store for an additional larger pair. I usually have found me wearing mostly non maternity yoga pants during that last month. 
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  • If there is a Burlington coat factory near you try them also. They have a maternity and the prices aren't too bad especially if you wind up having to purchase more things. I bought some tank tops this weekend and want paying attention and got 2 smalls. They fit barely but I'm keeping them because they were only 3.99.

  • I'm a lurker... sorry.

    I have had to size up for my pants.  I have a pair of size small that is good for early pregnancy and a pair that is size medium which are better for later. 

    I hate pregnancy pants.  Maybe I just have a sensitive belly but they feel like tight sausage casings to me.  I only wear them out of the house. When I'm home it's really baggy sweatpants with a huge drawstring waist.
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