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Gestational Diabetes: Second Time Around


I am six weeks pregnant today. With my first pregnancy I developed gestational diabetes and was insulin dependent. This is a question for other insulin dependent mamas:

With your second and subsequent pregnancies when did you have to start monitoring blood sugar? When and how was it determined that you needed to back on insulin? With my first pregnancy I had to go for a stress test every week and see my OBGYN once every two weeks and have an ultra sound. When do you start being monitored more frequently?

Thanks so much for any advice or insight. I have an appointment for an ultrasound and a nursing consultation in two weeks, but I was hoping to get some more information so I can know what to expect.

Re: Gestational Diabetes: Second Time Around

  • I'm actually curious about this too. I had gd with my first pregnancy. I was able to manage it with diet but I know my chances are high of getting it again. I don't see my ob for 3 more weeks so I'll have to wait to get answers from him, but I have heard gd doesn't show up until later that's why the glucose test is usually done at 20+ weeks.

    MH suggested I start making my diet changes now just in case.
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