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Guard Annual Training & Due Date

My SO's unit goes to AT each year in mid-June. My due date is June 16th, the exact date they ship out. Has anyone been in a similar situation or know anyone who has? I plan on speaking with the coordinator of his unit's family readiness group today but I'm also interested in any experience offered up here. I've been trying to do some research to see what I can find out myself but most of the regulations/articles/etc. that I've found online have been vague and contradictory. Any and all insight is greatly appreciated!

Re: Guard Annual Training & Due Date

  • Your SO could ask about options for an alternate Annual Training event. Depending on rank and/or MOS there may be opportunities to be temporarily attached to an adjacent unit that's on a different schedule (to get AT over with), or to go on orders and work in the office for two weeks that aren't the group's scheduled AT (usually w a drill weekend included in those weeks). 
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