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Obstetric Cholestasis?

Whoa! Appointment this morning and doctor wants me to get blood work done ASAP for obstetric cholestasis. I've been itchy for at least a month now but never thought to say anything about it because skin stretches, gets dry, hormones.. I thought it was super normal. I happened to mention it today just because, no real reason. Any experience with this?

Trying not to read too into it yet. But geez—I guess the lesson here is to tell your doc everything, even if it seems like nothing! :|

Re: Obstetric Cholestasis?

  • They thought I had it too, they just monitor you more closely and like to deliver you early. Mine  ended up dissipating after a while and my labs were thankfully normal, but the itching was intense for a good 2 or 3 months
  • I got tested for this because I had serious itching every night in the last part of my pregnancy. The test came back negative; it was just pregnancy hormones I guess. I'm 4 days post and the itching has just started to subside in the last day or so.
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  • @cmj02045 @mrsmoose5 Thank you for the replies! I'm all cleared, thank goodness. :)
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