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Products of Conception Biopsy?

Last week when I was having heavy bleeding I went to my OB and the took some tissue that I was passing for a "products of conception biopsy"...they called yesterday and said the doc wanted to see me to review results (I guess that means we learned something which I hope is productive info) 

Has anyone else had this done and if so what did you learn? Not sure what they are able to look at and just curious what the results might be.

Re: Products of Conception Biopsy?

  • I should add- I go back to get results Monday.
  • What did you learn? I just took mine in today, so I'm not sure how long it will take to hear back from my Dr.
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  • Unfortunately nothing good...it was a partial molar pregnancy and now I'm benched for 6 - 12 months to make sure it doesn't try to turn into cancer before we try again.

    I am going to get a second opinion tomorrow...not expecting that to change the outcome of my result but based on the research I am seeing online some women have been allowed tot try again after only 3 months.

    I am young (24) but we want a couple of kids and this was only our first try for our first child so I want to make sure we don't wait excessive time if it is unneeded because if I continued to have issues or had any fertility issues after this it could take time and I don't want to start having age related issues on top of everything else. So while I know I have time...i don't want to waste it.

    Hope yours turns out better than mine! 
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