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Midwife or OB?


Re: Midwife or OB?

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    There are both midwives and OB's at my doctors office but since I am a repeat c-section I will see the OB for my entire pregnancy 

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    My office is OB and midwives. I ended up with a section with my first and still saw midwives with my second because I was hoping for a VBAC but just ended up with another section because VBAC just wasn't going to happen.

    This will be a third section but if I can, I'll see the midwives as much as possible. I've seen them through two pregnancies and feel comfortable with them. I've dealt with all the OBs in the practice at one point or another (except a new one who just joined) so I'm not concerned about not knowing the doc who does my section, and a midwife always assists anyway. 
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    Still undecided. I'm seeing my PCP on Monday - our hospital system has both OBs and midwives so I'm going to get her input. We'll probably "interview" both and just see where we are more comfortable.
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