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HDBD 11/2/16

Playing in the leaves...her current favorite activity!

Re: HDBD 11/2/16

  • We were finally brave enough to try peanut butter (mixed with yogurt) and she was very serious about it. So silly. And no allergies, yay! This pic was before it got to be a huge mess...

  • At the pumpkin patch last week...
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  • Apparently, this is the only photo I can upload this week... Brynlee just walking around the kitchen, chasing her brother in circles. 
  • Snuggling with mama after long day of work, and that includes watching movies on her knee. Also this week offered beets to her, she liked them.
  • @SBH041815 haha I have multiple pics of my LO crying and pouting out in the grass and leaves. Apparently she is not okay with the texture of outdoors!

    This is trying ravioli at daycare the other day. It was a huge hit.

  • Snuggles with mama 
  • @jodiedrich18 awww sorry your little doesn't like the outdoors yet..."texture of outdoors " haha! That was funny! 
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