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Baby vomiting after cereal; FPIES?

I know that there are other boards for this but I couldn't find one that was less than 2 years old. I don't usually post a lot on here, but I am totally freaked out and need some advice. Three weeks ago I started my son, who was 22 weeks at the time, on some baby cereal, oatmeal. Like 2 or 3 hours later he was vomiting profusely. I thought maybe I just over fed him because he ate quite a bit and seemed to enjoy it. I didn't think anything else about it but didn't try it again until just this past Sunday, when I gave him the same cereal again and again the same thing happened! Except that this time towards the end the vomit was bright yellow. He was just getting over having bronchiolitis so I though that maybe the yellow was mucous, but after doing quite a bit of reading I am wondering if it was bile, which is totally scary. He went right back to being his usual happy little self about an hour later and has been fine since. Initially I thought that perhaps his tummy wasn't ready for cereal since he is primarily breast fed, although does take a formula bottle every now and then for supplementation since my milk supply is impossibly low in spite of my doing everything I can to boost it. But now that I have been doing all of this reading I am worried that it's FPIES and I know the only way to know is try try other foods and see if he reacts but I am totally scared to do that. Has anyone had any experience with this and had it not be FPIES?

Re: Baby vomiting after cereal; FPIES?

  • Call your ped.
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  • Obviously I called the pediatrician but I don't have an appointment until Friday (11/4). I was just wondering if anyone else has encountered this before, but I guess I should have known better because the few times I ever post on here, I never get any responses that are encouraging or helpful. 
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  • You never mentioned having called and the folks at the ped's office should have told you what to do in the meantime while your child is puking rainbow colors. Sorry, I have not experience with FPIES.
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  • Why post anything if you have nothing helpful to add? Telling someone to call their pediatrician is about as least helpful as you can get. I just wanted to know if anyone else had experienced this and had something useful to contribute as there had been posts about similar instances in the past, it's just that those discussions were outdated and closed so I wanted to see if anyone else was talking about this currently.
  • So I have no experience and I'm not sure you'll check back but I just saw this post and was wondering what your ped said? I completely skipped cereal with my newest LO, my ped said it wasn't necessary and my boys were not fans. I hope your little man is doing alright! 
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