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Hello. I know I don't post a lot but I thought I'd post here to see if anyone has had a HSG test done? We've been trying for over a year, I turned 36 a couple of months ago and we've been not using protection for a longer time. I had blood work done and those results came back good. Everything is at the level it should be at. I found out that I have fibroids but had an ultrasound and that came back with good results. So now the doctor recommended having an HSG test... I was going to schedule this for Nov. but with work right now I think we are going to try one more month to conceive then if there's no baby I'll schedule it for Dec. Just curious if anyone has had this test and how it went...if there is any advice or how it went. The doctor said that since it "cleans" out your tubes your chances of conceiving increase afterwards for a lot of ladies..anyone have that luck?? Thanks!!

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  • Yes, there is a tendency for people to think that it cleans you out and will help you get a BFP, but several of us have not had that experience. 

    The main thing to keep in mind when having the HSG is that really any true pain you might have during the HSG is DURING the HSG, and is only temporary.  I had mild cramps afterward, but was able to go about my normal day, although I took off work just in case.  They showed me on the screen how you can see the dye and where it's flowing.  They had trouble seeing my one side and made me tilt my pelvis to the one side, which hurt slightly, but again, this test only lasts a couple of minutes so you can get through it no problem.  I took advil before the surgery and also they make you take antibiotics ahead of time and after to prevent infection.  
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  • My RE did tell me that it increases your chances for 3 cycles, but AF just showed up again after my third cycle post-HSG, so it did nothing for me. I was really worried it would hurt, took the Valium, 800mg Ibuprofen, and antibiotics before the procedure and it was totally fine- uncomfortable like a pap or internal ultrasound, but not painful for me. I have heard there's a greater chance of pain if your tubes are blocked, but mine turned out to be clear.
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  • My HSG was extremely painful, but I have a narrow cervix and anything that dilates it is really painful (even IUI). 

    Some women build up small, fibrous areas in their tubes as they age or if they maybe have had pelvic inflammation, this can be cleared by the HSG which is why it can sometimes help you conceive, but statistically it isnt significant, so I think telling women it increases fertility is false information and irresponsible on their end. 
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  • My HSG wasn't painful at all and was very quick.  I felt a little crampy during (similar to a pap smear) but was fine after and was able to go right back to work.  I took two Advil prior to the procedure.  
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  • I had one, wish I could say it was no biggie lol. While the pain was intense, it was short lived and I was fine afterwards aside from bleeding. My doctor mentioned it may give an added boost in conceiving, but I didn't have that luck. 
    You'll do fine, maybe it can give some insights ☺
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