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Has anyone done the HSG test? Just looking for how it went and any advice. My doctor recommended it as s next step for us..thanks!

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  • I had my HSG in August.  It's a very standard fertility test and I would also recommend it.  It will make sure you don't have any sort of blockage in your tubes and if you do there is no point in doing any other treatment until that is fixed.  

    My HSG was super easy.  It wasn't painful and very quick.  I was able to go back to the office after the procedure and they can see the results right away. 
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  • @aim22 I think you'll find almost everyone on this board has done the HSG or a variant. Like @laurad75 said, it's definitely a standard test before starting IF treatments. I had mine in July. Everyone responds differently, but for me it was fairly painful even though I had no blockages. Luckily it's super fast. I also had a lot of spotting for several days after, which is normal but I didn't know would happen.
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  • Thank you!
  • Yes the HSG is such an important test!  I had mine a month ago or so.  It was over fairly quickly but was fairly uncomfortable.  I recommend ibuprofen before you go!  I had some cramping into the next day but was able to go to work.  Make sure you understand all the instructions from your RE - we abstained until after the test as I was worried about early ovulation and possibilities of an ectopic pregnancy.  I was also given an antibiotic to take as a precaution as infection up there would of course be terrible for TTC!

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  • I had my HSG test a few weeks ago it was very quick and wasn't painful at all. I was a little crampy after and had some spotting for a few days after which is totally normal.
  • I had an HSG in July and it was pretty uneventful. The worst pain felt like a bad cramp and I had some discomfort after the procedure. I definitely recommend ibuprofen beforehand and taking it easy afterwards. had the antibiotics ahead of time but I stopped taking them within 24 hours the procedure.

    For me the hardest parts were timing the antibiotics with my other meds, getting a legit result on a pregnancy test (yay false negative), and just the stress of having to do it at all.
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  • I had my HSG last June, and the worst part was some mild cramping. 

    It was super easy. Just laying down on the table while they do a scan, and inject some dye. There was some cramping when they started the dye flow, but it wasn't that bad, and then a lot of discharge as the dye had to go somewhere. 

    What I wish someone had told me: Wear some undies you don't mind getting stained, or bring a panty liner. 

    If you have anxiety you could ask for something to calm you prior, and take an OTC painkiller prior to the test to try to offset the cramping. 
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  • I know this is an older post, but may I ask how long any of you waited until scheduling an HSG?

    I haven't introduced myself here yet, because I haven't hit the criteria for TTC for a year. However, I did just start my 7th cycle TTC so I am just starting to look into more information. I am 28 yo and overall healthy, but did have a Fallopian tube surgically removed seven yrs ago because of a large cyst.

    Thanks for any advice or guidance! 
  • Hi! I had mine done around my 9th or 10th month TTC. I had a few ultrasounds done before that.
  • Ok, that's helpful. Thanks!
  • I also had a cyst a long time ago, so my doctor was like: "ok, well, another ultrasound wouldn't hurt." I started to be really distressed about having not yet conceived around month 7, so I started pushing for testing. I figured, if there is something obvious, in my husband's sperm or my blood levels, why not see if we can find out sooner, and save myself all this sadness?

    Good luck to you!
  • Thanks for this. I am beginning to become worried so it may be time to have another conversation with my dr. I did have my blood tested in the last month at a physical and those results were all in the normal range. 
  • On my way to get this done now. Stressing out. But these replies are helpful so I'm glad I'm reading this now before I go in!
  • For the record, no pain and no discomfort. Just a blocked tube :/

  • Blocked tube  :/ Glad the HSG wasn't too bad otherwise. 
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    DH - low motility
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  • Mine wasn't painful at all... but i had a pretty bad low blood pressure reaction (fainting, etc) to my cervix being prodded! Unless you have low blood pressure, it's unlikely to happen to you..  if you do, just make sure you stay lying down for 20mins, even if you feel fine!
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  • My doctor has ordered an STP (saline tubal perfusion) instead of an HSG.  Has anyone had the STP?  It sounds the same, but with saline instead of contrast?
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  • @pawcall - My OB/Gyn started me with a SIS (Saline Infusion Sonohysterography) because it was something they could do at their clinic in an exam room instead of going to the hospital.  Her intention was to have me do the SIS first and the HSG if those results were inconclusive, or we didn't get a BFP after a few rounds of medication.  I wish I would have just insisted on being aggressive and skipping straight to the HSG.
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  • My obgyn also recommended sis first which showed possible cyst or hydrosalpinx on left tube so I have a hsg scheduled for next week. She didn't have me on any medications though. What medications did ur obgyn recommend? What did ur sis show? If u don't mind me asking. 
  • @2bcontinued5 - What she could see was all normal.  There were a few things that she was looking for that she couldn't tell one way or another.

    My OB intended to put me on Clomiphene, but I'm waiting until I talk to my RE to see what she recommends.
    Me: 34 | DH: 46
    SD: 21 & SS: 17
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