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Sleeping face down

ok this totally has me in panic mode. My LO has just started sleeping nose-face down in her mattress. She's 9.5 months and it makes me nervous. I moved her the other night and she flipped out and just went back into that position. anyone else? 

Re: Sleeping face down

  • LO has been sleeping like this since about 5 months. My nervous mom googling had all reliable resources say to always put babe to sleep on their back but once they can roll both directions it's nothing to worry about 
  • Brynlee ONLY sleeps on her belly. She's been this way since she was about 3 months old. As long as they are able to roll or move around on their own, I'd think if anything were to happen, the body's natural reaction would be to move away. My LO sleeps on her belly with a blanket, so does my 1 year old. Don't get me wrong, I still check on them both frequently and I have video monitors in both rooms set with the volume so high I could hear if the kid so much as blinked...
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  • Thanks guys, she just started doing this so it's new to me. I woke up in such a panic last night when I glimpsed over at the monitor. 
  • Mine has done that too-- not just on his tummy but face planted into the mattress. He wakes up with a big red spot on his nose and forehead... but somehow miraculously can breathe and even sleeps well. I agree that it's frightening!
  • Also a tummy sleeper since he could roll over! I like to say he looks like a frat boy passed out after a 3 day binge, arms and legs sprawled. Since he can roll over, there is nothing to worry about. It freaked me out the first time too!
  • Same as other ladies, we've had a confirmed belly sleeper since she figured out how to roll onto her belly around 3 months. She sticks her butt up just like your LO @KFrob. We called the nurse line first time we saw it but they reassured us that as long as you place them on their back to sleep, if they are strong enough to rearrange themselves, they are okay to sleep on their belly.
  • Violet has been a belly sleeper for several months. Unbeknownst to me, daddy was putting her in the crib like that. I wasn't impressed but thats how she sleeps
  • Hahaha mines the same. Always has her butt in the air. 
  • I've got 2 "butt in the air" sleepers. and they have both been that way since they could roll over. I personally find it hilarious.
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  • Butt in the air too.  Fortunately she always turns her head though so it's not a face plant.  You could always just call your pedi for reassurance.  if you just have a flat right crib sheet and no fluffy bedding, even in face plant i would think he could still breath....
  • Same.  Our doc said to just lay him on his back, but if he chooses to move then leave him.  

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  • Gosh I don't even have claire on the mattress and she's already rolling onto her tunny for bed. Since she could roll Ive never seen her on her back sleeping. Babies, am I right. 
  • Mine even tries to roll onto his belly when he falls asleep in the car seat.  That obviously doesn't work out too well, so then he wakes up mad.
  • Yes this is why I suspect that Freya has a tough time sleeping in car seats and on airplanes, because she just can't get comfortable. 

    @KFrob Cutest picture ever! I wish I could get a pic of Freya sleeping like that but I'm too scared I'll wake her. Pics of babies sleeping are the best.

  • Wow it seems like everyone's babes sleeps this way. Gina was always a back sleeper then she became more comfy on her stomach a few days ago now that's the ONLY way she sleeps! I'll probably stop being nervous when she's 5 years old. 
  • Yes, butt in the air sleeper here too. He does not like to sleep in his car seat or stroller, I think for this reason like PP said. We took a 4 hour drive to Dallas and he only slept for 30 minutes during that entire time! :open_mouth:
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