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baby name came to me in a dream

So two nights ago I was dreaming that we'd been home from the hospital for a while after giving birth (due May 11th with our second!) the baby was crawling around and giggling and cooing so she must have bee at least 6+ months old... and... her feet were totally fine! (I'm praying like hell she doesn't have club feet like I did and my son does...very severe cases for both of us...) anyhow baby was a girl (I don't know the sex yet and I don't intend on finding out until she/he is in my arms but I have a strong feeling it's a girl...I felt the same way with my son though... but maybe in retrospect the name gave it away... for the longest time I was undecided on a girls name with my first and my honey suggest Warren Peace if it was a boy and I kinda just KNEW right there that was my babies name and thus my baby was a boy... anyways back to my dream... I was asking baby what her name was and running through my list "Is your name Elise? Is your name Shea?" etc. etc. and she never really responded to any of them.. finally she cooed at me "Ah. Uh. Ay." and at the exact same time I got a text fom my honey (he wasn't home for some odd reason...)  and the text said "Adele" and I thought to myself I like Adele but too popular now cuz of the singer.. baby again coos at me "Ah. Uh. Ay."  and I think... Adelaide! and instantly woke up. Adelaide wasn't even on my list but I remembered being 7 and there being an Adelaide St. in my home town and me thinking if Iever had a girl I'm naming her Adelaide.. and just like with my first one... I got this feeling... I know... my babies name is Adelaide and it's a girl.. I don't even want to figure out a boys name "just in case" cuz I'm certain it wont be a boy... anyone else ever experience this?

haven't told my honey yet though so I dunno how he'll feel about it but he got to name Warren so this one should be mine to name. Only Fair. lol

Re: baby name came to me in a dream

  • not sure what that means...but ok!
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  • @mrszoess Sometimes I wonder if this is the dark side messing with us. 

    OP, I hope you have a healthy pregnancy and your LO doesn't have a club foot malformation. These dear diary posts usually don't go over well because nobody here knows you or is invested in you. I would suggest finding your Birth Month Board and getting involved in a community there. 
    BlissB1987musicinmysoul17[Deleted User]
  • @wishilivedinflorida her "honey" had her name the baby after a book.

  • The only Tolstoy gif I could find was from Anna Karenina but I feel like her look of disappointment works.
    Warren Peace? I hope this is mud.
    BlissB1987meg2704[Deleted User]
  • stokesm21stokesm21 member
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    ashtonk87 said:
    not sure what that means...but ok!
    Hate to say it but she was making a joke.  QFP = Quoted for Posterity (that's my understanding at least)
    Warren Peace = War and Peace

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  • @stokes21 i wasn't making a joke i was quoting her child's apparently literal name 
  • Interesting dream... and you should tell your hubby about it im sure he wont make fun of you. to be honest if i had that dream and at the end have a girl i probably would consider it. it migjt have a deeper meaning who knows :)
  • @mrszoess My bad  :/
    Me: 29 DH: 31 SS: 12
    Met: 08/2001 Dating: 07/2004 ~ Engaged: 11/2009 ~ Married: 06/2011
    TTC: Since 09/16 ~ BFP 10/28/16 ~ EDD 7/5/17
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