Nursing Friendly Clothing?

Hi- I work full time and I pump twice at work. But when I pick my kids up at day care, usually Baby wants to nurse right away. So many of my work dresses zip in the back which doesn't help. Any recommendations on finding clothing that is nursing/pumping friendly, but affordable? 

Re: Nursing Friendly Clothing?

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    I usually wear v neck or scoop neck shirts that are stretchy so I can just pull the neckline down.  I pair it with a blazer for work and that seems to work well for me
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    Lots of button down shirts/blouses, maybe?
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    Late to the thread, but I ALWAYS wear a tank top under whatever shirt I'm wearing and use the two shirt method. For dressed you just need wrap dressed or something with a neck that pulls down. I personally just don't wear very many dresses anymore.
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