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PGAL Check-In 10/31

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1. How far along are you? 

2. Appointments this week? 

3. Rants/Raves/Questions? 

4. How are you feeling? (Emotionally, physically) 

5. Next milestone you're looking forward to: 

6. GTKY: Favorite candy or sweet

Re: PGAL Check-In 10/31

  • 1. How far along?  4 w 1 d

    2. Appointments?  not for a couple of weeks, but I will get an early ultrasound around 6-7 weeks

    3. rants/raves/questions?  I still haven't told DH I'm pregnant!  I finally got a really dark line on a hpt yesterday so I'm feeling a little more confident that this is really happening.  I've ordered t-shirts for him and for me that have the Star Wars background and say "the Fourth is with us" since this will hopefully be our 4th and final kid.  I can't wait for his reaction!

    4.  How are you feeling?  Still in denial, I don't have symptoms other than sore breasts.  I'm scared of repeating my last two pregnancies.  But still, thrilled to be pregnant.

    5. Next milestone you're looking forward to: Seeing a heartbeat in a few weeks.

    6.  GTKY: favorite candy or sweet: I have so many, but right now my grandma's chocolate rum cake

  • 1. How far along are you? 16 weeks 

    2. Appointments this week? Yes--gender ultrasound Wednesday. 

    3. Rants/Raves/Questions? Finding out gender will give me some excitement I think and make it more real. Still nervous about it. Rant: still suffering from allergies and poison ivy! Ugh!

    4. How are you feeling? (Emotionally, physically) Aside from headaches and occasional RLP, I don't feel pregnant and it's messing with my head. I'm grateful to not be so nauseated anymore. But I'm also not extra hungry and I thought I would be. I'm hopeful this week because of the ultrasound, but also exhausted because everyone else is more excited than I am and it's hard to keep up pretending everything is fine.  

    5. Next milestone you're looking forward to: feeling baby. I've had some flutters and thumps I've wondered about but it could be gas. 

    6. GTKY: Favorite candy or sweet: I don't eat a lot of candy. But I've been munching on peanut m&ms lately. I don't do anything for Halloween so I won't be getting any of that candy. Haha. 
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  • @lilyaster I love that announcement idea! Hoping the next couple of weeks fly by for you. 
  • @HGRich that's so exciting that you have your scan this week! 
  • 1. How far along are you?  18w 1d

    2. Appointments this week? Not till next Tuesday - my 19 week anatomy scan!

    3. Rants/Raves/Questions? I have been feeling movement consistently enough to not pull out my doppler for quite a few days now - WOOHOO. 

    4. How are you feeling? (Emotionally, physically) Hopeful for the first time this pregnancy. My belly (6th time being pregnant!) feels huge, but I still haven't told any of my friends or family. (We moved a year ago, so most everyone is 10 hours away).

    5. Next milestone you're looking forward to: Anatomy scan! That's when the sh!t hit the fan last time and I found out my baby was going to die, so I'm hoping for much, much better news this time.

    6. GTKY: Favorite candy or sweet Baked goods, or any chocolate candy!

    @HGRich - Good luck at your scan this week! You probably think I'm crazy for opting to not find out the sex - I could have known 8 weeks ago! ;) 

    @lilyaster - That sounds like an adorable announcement! 


    2010: son born 9/1 

    2013: 2 miscarriages + d&cs, both at 10 weeks: April & July

    2014: son #2 born 6/29

    2016: Baby girl stillborn at 21w6d 4/29 and baby boy stillborn at 20w 3d 11/16

  • @amwangel I can imagine it's a huge relief to be feeling consistent movement! 
  • 1. How far along are you? 18w4d

    2. Appointments this week? Nope

    3. Rants/Raves/Questions? None this week!

    4. How are you feeling? (Emotionally, physically) I'm feeling really good! Finally! Last week my amino results came back all clear and the follow up US showed the two soft markers they thought they saw are completely gone. I was so relieved and in such shock. I finally feel like I can put all my extra worries behind and now just have regular worries. It's like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders.  

    5. Next milestone you're looking forward to: feeling the baby move more consistently and the echo scan at end of Nov. 

    6. GTKY: Favorite candy or sweet: milkyways, brownies pretty much anything chocolate. 
  • @lilyaster that announcement for your husband sounds so cute.
    @hgrich good luck at your US Wednesday! I understand how you feel about pretending for everyone else. That's exactly how I've been feeling. I've been totally avoiding my in laws because they are just so out of touch and do not understand why I feel the way I do. I can't be around them with them smiling at me. It's like they have the pregnancy glow and I don't! 
  • @amwangel is your antomy scan this week? Hope it goes perfectly and helps put you at ease. 
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    @Bok Bagok yay about the amnio results! What a relief. 

    I'm glad to know I'm not alone. The sheer obliviousness of some people astonishes me. Even those who I've told I'm still struggling seem to think I should be "over it" and excited about this pregnancy. Seriously? Ugh. 
  • 1. 10w1d today

    2.  Appointment Thursday- first "official" OB appt even though I've been in 3 times already.   

    3. R/R/R/Q:  do you think OB will try to hear heartbeat with Doppler at 10w4d or still too early? If he tries he better find it or it will freak me out. Rant:  progesterone suppositories are getting old. I'll do what I need to do for however long but I'm so sick of feeling gross all the time. 

    4.  Feeling pretty good last couple days which of course freaks me out. But the nausea has gone away for couple days in past weeks and came back so that makes me feel better. Anxious for my appt.  10 weeks freaks me out. My loss was earlier but I have several people in my life who had 10 wk losses so I'm more anxious even though it sounds silly. 

    5.  RAVE:  we told DD about baby! After much debate we decided we weren't going to live in fear and let anxiety from loss dictate our actions or lessen our happiness anymore. She's over the moon excited to be a big sister. She said, "Momma, God answered our prayers!" I started crying of course.  Cat is way out of the bag now- she told our waitress tonight and almost all our neighbors while we were trick or treating haha. We were quite open about our loss so everyone is so excited for us and the support is so nice. DH has been so amazing helping me with my anxiety-  he said no matter what happens, we will get through it as a family. I'm really blessed. 

    6.  Hearing HB on doppler

    7.  I love almost all sweets. Strangely though I'm not craving sugar while pregnant! It's weird. Favorite candy- Twix and Jr Mint.  
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    Notice my numbering is crazy?! I didn't even put things under the right number...LOL too much candy tonight I guess! 
  • @1inthehopper Aw! Love your daughter's response. That's so sweet. I imagine they'll try. I found hb on my home Doppler at 10+5 and I'm no pro. Let us know how it goes! 
  • Thanks, @HGRich, will be thinking about you on Wednesday! 

    @amwangel yay for consistent movement! It's so reassuring and comforting! 
  • 1. How far along are you? 10w2d today. 

    2. Appointments this week? First OB appt tomorrow

    3. Rants/Raves/Questions? I didn't know that my OB doesn't do ultrasounds so I will be sent to radiology next Monday for one. It was nice that my RE did it in his office each time

    4. How are you feeling? (Emotionally, physically) emotionally a wreck just because our appointments keep getting pushed back a week. Was supposed to go to OB last Tuesday and was expecting US then thought tomorrow was one but found out today I have to wait another week. Just scared. I'm not cramping or bleeding and have major ms but I'm just worried. Tried at home Doppler yesterday and couldn't find heartbeat so that added to my anxiety. 

    5. Next milestone you're looking forward to: US next Monday 

    6. GTKY: Favorite candy or sweet

    reeses, snickers, kit kat and lately butterfingers. I like sweets but so far I haven't been craving anything sweet just light and salty

    @HGRich jealous you found the heartbeat already. Will be nice to have that reassurance 
  • Yay @Bok Bagok!!! Wonderful news! 
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    Hi everyone! I stumbled upon this group and thought I'd check in. I just had my BFP on 10-28 after we had a loss in late July / early Aug. 

    1. How far along are you? 4w2d

    2. Appointments this week? I had HCG drawn yesterday and I go back for a redraw tomorrow. Still haven't heard from my doctor about yesterday's lab draw ( i know the number because they have an online portal where I can log on and see my data -  I'm obsessing over it at this point....) 

    3. Rants/Raves/Questions? Other than awaiting a phone call over their thoughts on my HCG level... lol 

    4. How are you feeling? (Emotionally, physically) I am not excited yet. I'm too anxious about the unknown. Before I MC, DH and I were both so excited, we went in for our first US and we're hit with bad news. Baby was measuring small and heartbeat was less than 100.. Labs after labs and in about a week we were told I would MC. So needless to say I am a little on edge. My Dr started lab draws as soon as I called saying I had a positive HPT which I am thankful for... just still so anxious. A little nausea in the mornings, lots of headaches, heartburn - oh the heartburn. 

    5. Next milestone you're looking forward to: Just hoping to see those hcg levels doubling like crazy! 

    6. GTKY: Favorite candy or sweet Peppermint Patties or anything pumpkin. yum! 
  • Welcome @lauraash! Congrats on the bfp and we're glad to have you here. Keep us posted on the lab draws. My doc did the same--had me come in immediately and I thankfully got to see the numbers double and more than double. They also got me an early u/s at 6.5 weeks. Hoping the same for you--sounds like they're working with you to ease your fears. No worries about being anxious--we all understand! Pulling for you and baby! 
  • Welcome @lauraash and congratulations. I'm sorry for your previous loss. 
  • @lauraash welcome and congratulations!
  • @swe2 that sucks they keep changing your appointment! My OBGYN tried to do it once to me, I was so upset I started shaking and hyperventilating on the phone.  I really don't normally act that way, but come on you can't do that to a PGAL woman. We wait holding our breath for these appointments!! I refused to get off the phone until they figured something out to bring me in for an US, and they did. When I got there the doctor apologized (I did too) and she said I was the wrong patient for them to try and reschedule. 
  • 1. How far along are you? 8w tomorrow. 

    2. Appointments this week? not till the 14th

    3. Rants/Raves/Questions? Loving my ob right now she is beyond understanding and supportive and just willing to do whatever is going to keep me together. I wish I had been with her for the first two losses. 

    4. How are you feeling? (Emotionally, physically) physically good for the most part still having daily nausea and sore breast which are both fine by me, emotionally great right now I'm going to try and hold on to this feeling as long as i can.

    5. Next milestone you're looking forward to: Im really looking forward to getting into the second trimester. but really just taking it a week at a time.

    6. GTKY: Favorite candy or sweet? love sweet hard candies
  • @lauraash welcome, keep us posted on your redraw!!

    @HGRich very exciting about finding out the gender 

    @1inthehopper how old in your daughter, her reaction is adorable. thats exciting about getting a home doppler. I would like to get one of them once we get to that point.
  • @ssnova DD is 4.5- too smart and too sassy- the love of our lives ☺️
  • @amwangel best of luck on your anatomy scan, keep us posted
  • 1. How far along are you? 6 weeks, 6 days

    2. Appointments this week? Had first OB appointment today, wants to do another ultrasound on Thursday (11/3) and then another one on 11/16 just to monitor viability and give me peace of mind.  It helps that I am a labor and delivery nurse for hospital/clinics I go to, they kind of baby their own, if that makes sense.

    3. Rants/Raves/Questions? Anyone having spouse that is not wanting to give up the goods so to speak?? My DF knows it won't hurt the baby but says mentally he can't overcome it knowing there is a baby in there.  I'm dying!!

    4. How are you feeling? (Emotionally, physically) Emotionally I am more optimistic than I have been since I found out.  Had ultrasound on Oct. 27th and got to see the heartbeat so that gave me some reassurance.  Physically I am exhausted, I am not someone who sleeps in, but this weekend I slept in until 11am and I went to bed at 9pm the night before!!  My boobs are killing me and if I eat I get nauseous and if I don't eat I get nauseous. 

    5. Next milestone you're looking forward to: Ultrasound on 11/3 and 11/16 and getting past my previous loss age of 8w5days.

    6. GTKY: Favorite candy or sweet: Not super into candy lately, but have been sucking on peppermints for nausea.
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  • @NatalieGentry yay! Let us know how the u/s goes tomorrow. 

    Haha my DH makes me beg for the goods too. Right now it's because he doesn't want to hurt me, and to tell the truth sex is really painful right now. I guess everything is just sensitive. But I keep telling him I can deal. Lol. But I've had a higher sex drive than DH for our entire marriage and I'm kind of used to being sexually frustrated. Hahaha. I don't know what to tell you about your H's concern about being near baby. Would it help to have the doc tell him there's not any chance of touching baby or baby knowing what's going on? 
  • 1. How far along are you? 14w 3 d

    2. Appointments this week? Nope!

    3. Rants/Raves/Questions? I just got my Maternti21 results back today and everything looks good.  Also found out I'm having another girl :)

    4. How are you feeling? (Emotionally, physically) Feeling much better now that I'm in the 2nd tri.  I was sick of having no energy

    5. Next milestone you're looking forward to: Anatomy scan on 12/6

    6. GTKY: Favorite candy or sweet: I have such a sweet tooth.  I love anything peanut butter chocolate and cheesecake

    DD Born 5.9.12

    MC March 2016@8.5w

    Expecting #2 4/30/17

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  • great news!! @lauraash

    @dam0ne4 congratulations on another girl!! and good test results :wink:
  • @HGRich congratulations a girl how fun!! so glad your scan went so great
  • MWoodsideMWoodside member
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    1. 16w2d.

    2. Next week.

    3. The nausea appears to be lifting! Hallelujah!

    4. I'm exhausted still. My back hurts. The older I get and the fact that I've had 5 pregnancies in 6.5 years (2 of those are losses) just takes a toll on my body, I think. But I love being pregnant and I'm grateful. I hope I get a little energy back soon bc I kniw I'm not pulling my weight around here. 

    5. Feeling regular movement. I've felt a little, but it's sporadic and irregular.

    6. Umm, every sweet? Lol. Major sweet tooth over here. Although, interestingly, it's much less during this pregnancy.

    DD1 born 5/24/10.

    Missed M/C at 14 wks Feb 2012.

    DD2 born 5/14/13.

    Missed M/C at 9 wks July 2015.

    Expecting someone new 4/17/17.
  • Yay @HGRich!! Great news and I'm so happy it reduced your anxiety!! 

    Great news, @lauraash!
  • @1inthehopper so happy your appointment went well
  • Stressful afternoon-- I've been having some issues with traces of blood in my urinalysis so I went in for ultrasound of my kidneys and bladder. Tech was nice enough to give me peek of baby- baby was moving around a ton abd heartrate 153. Perfect. Then she does the rest of the ultrasound. At the end she asks me if I've ever had fibroids and again how many weeks I am. Then says stay here I'll be right back. Panic. She comes back and says she had to call my dr for additional orders because she saw something outside my uterus- shadow, fibroid, ectopic - she didn't know. And with my history of ectopic she wanted to check it out transvaginally. More panic. So she does the ultrasound and then says everything is fine. So I say well what was it?! She doesn't know. Well will radiologist know? She said yes. Then she says you can wait in waiting area and I'll get a disk with pictures of baby for you. When I get into waiting area she goes back into exam room with another tech and I hear her say, "I just don't know"

    WTF?! So I'm freaking out. Like 5-10 min later she gives me the disk. So I ask is there a problem?! She said no they were just trying to figure out the charges?? Then I ask if I should go back up to dr's office? So she calls up and dr says no they will call me Monday. 

    So i leave feeling so unsettled!!! If there was something really wrong or a tumor I would think they would send me back to dr or something? Arg I hate waiting for results!! At least I saw baby a lot which was really nice. I thought I'd feel better after seeing dr today but it turned out to just be a really stressful afternoon. 

    Sorry for long vent 
  • @1inthehopper I'm sorry you had to deal with that! And that you've gotta wait over the weekend. I'm really glad you got to see baby though. Let us know what they tell you. It sounds a little like the ultrasound tech needs to be more careful what she says. Goodness.
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