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What My Pregnant Self Is Eating, 10/31

What's on your plate this week?
Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!

Re: What My Pregnant Self Is Eating, 10/31

  • I went through all the Halloween candy they had at work in bucket and took all the Take 5 bars. I also may or may not have hidden all the Kit Kat's and Whoppers under the little bags of M&M's so other people don't do what I did and eat all the good stuff. We're just doing pizza for dinner tonight but I am making chicken teriyaki and shrimp fried rice tomorrow night. 

  • My husband made his family recipe focaccia yesterday.  Its different than what I typically think of focaccia in that it has a savory filling in the middle (ground pork, pepperoni, provolone and some other stuff) and then a crust on top of that, and I'm eating that and a salad for lunch - so excited!  Also I have not avoided any Halloween candy so far!
  • Fried chicken for breakfast. And melon for the health balance.
  • For dinner tonight it's eftover fish tacos from lunch, and for desert it's any Halloween candy that doesn't get snatched up by the kiddos(although I won't lie I set aside a piece of chocolate and some Gobstoppers for myself >> <<)

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