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Work baby shower etiquette

A coworker is expecting a few weeks before I am and so a few ladies are throwing a small shower for us.  It's potluck style and so coworkers are bringing in a dish for us to celebrate our bundles of joy. Not sure how to approach the subject but 1. should I plan on bringing a dish as well (no one has mentioned it to me but I don't want to come empty handed. I don't have a problem bringing in a cheese tray or something) and 2. I was thinking about getting a small gift for the other mommy-to-be but I don't want to put her on the spot. She is also registered at a store that isn't in our area and so I don't want to get her something that she isn't registered for. I'm thinking about ordering her something and letting her know it's on the way. Any advice?

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    If they are putting together the shower for you, unless they assign you something to bring, I don't think I would worry about it. But, you might want to consider bringing something the next day as a thank you, donuts, bagels or something. 

    I would def get the other pregnant gal something. If you are ordering something, perhaps include a picture of it in the card. 
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  • I would personally just ask someone like "hey, do you know what everyone else is bringing, and what do you think I should bring?" OR if it'll be too awkward, just bring something anyway lol

    As for the gift to your co worker, if you can't have the gift for her the day of, then saying it's on the way should be ok? I'm not too sure. Maybe you could get something that's really similar, but can give to her the day of? Or make sure you give a gift receipt, so she can return or exchange it. 
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  • I would get a gift for the coworker. If where she's registered at isn't convenient for you, then just get her something from somewhere else. I don't think it's necessary to only shop from a registry. 
  • Just ask what you can bring and if they say nothing, at least you know.

    As far as a gift goes, you can always just get get a gift card for Target or some place out your way that you know she'll probably shop at. Since its small, it won't put her on the spot if she didn't get you anything.
  • Personally I would bring something for the potluck, but something small(only because the shower is for you, but it's also for your co-worker, so in some ways you're still a guest? I would feel obligated, but that's just). And as mentioned above, a card with a picture of what you order or a gift card would work fine.
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  • I might be a bit of a hormonal whiner but I gave the other Mommy-to-be the onesies at the shower and never received any kind of thank you note...  This may be my mother coming out of me a bit but I was always taught that if someone gave you a gift at a shower or special event, you sent a thank you note.  
  • @Caitie81490 In her defense, I'm still working through my thank yous and my shower was 11/5. I have a friend that even waited until after the baby was born to write her thank yous. If you never receive any type of note though, I would agree it's in very poor taste. 
  • I totally get it, it took me a few weeks to finally sit down and finish all of mine from my shower on 11/12. Our work shower was a small shower though, not many gifts from co-workers, just a gift card from our admin and a chance for co-workers to come together and talk about babies.  She sent out an email later the afternoon of the shower thanking everyone for the gift card and the beautiful shower.  I guess I should have mentioned that earlier.  Sorry!  
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