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Hey al!!!

hey mommies!

I haven't been on since my son was about 3 months but wanted to see how you all were doing!

Re: Hey al!!!

  • Welcome back!! Of course there have been ups and downs but all is well!!! Hows has everything been with you?
  • Welcome back @Knottie1433440300! I have  been less active in the last few months too, but I always seem to find my way back!
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  • Welcome back! 9 months of pure chaos over here ;) My little girl is so full of sass! She's been demanding along with a lot of other crazies going on (moving, custody battle for stepdaughter, quitting my job, medical issues for baby, etc). Hope all is well for you and your LO!
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    Aww! @BarrettJ89 I hope things slow down for you! Sounds like a lot to handle! I've been binging on everyone's baby pictures and can't believe they are all so adorable and big! @cali1710 things are going well, had a hard time adjusting being back at work and figuring out life, but it's getting better!! @Meg920 definitely nice to check in and see how everyone is doing
  • Welcome back! I am on here only sporadically but I think it's so fun that we're still interactive here almost a year out from LOs birth. Love seeing our babies grow and share our experiences :smile:
  • Hi!  I never imagined when we were all pregnant how much I could love someone.  I am completely obsessed.  I also have a sassy baby.  I just hope in the next 10 months to have a little less sassyness in the middle of the night. 
  • Hello and welcome back! I was just a lurker throughout pregnancy, sporadically checking in. LO and I are doing well. Almost 10 months around the corner and she is a goofy little thing. Between balancing mommyhood and a very rough time of workload since I went back to work at 10 weeks, i feel like I've blinked and my baby is not a baby. The days are long but in the grand scheme, it is SO fast! 
  • Hello! We have also had a really difficult time going back to work. I used to love my career. Now i want a career change. Something that allows me to be home on Sundays and holidays. And not be so completely exhausted every day. I had some vacation time to use up so I'm home all week! 
  • @mrsgetz4000 I've been working Sundays for 4 1/2 years and it's so hard! I'm going to be switching to a "normal" schedule in January, and can't wait to have 2 days with my family. It's so hard being a crazy career mom
  • I've been seriously researching a job working with parents and babies. I've thrown around becoming a doula, even though I'd basically be on call or a breast feeding counselor. Something like that. I'm not in a position to switch careers just yet but it's definitely something I'm looking into
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