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Breathing Treatments

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I don't usually have problems with my asthma,  but it started the last few days and I had to see the doctor this morning. They gave me a breathing treatment, put me back on ventolin inhaler and singulair until it quiets down. They said everything is ok for the baby and that it is more important that the baby is getting enough oxygen and that this outweighs the risks of the side effects of the medications. Is anyone else on these treatments? I'm really nervous about taking all these things so curious to know if anyone else has and can put my mind at ease!

Re: Breathing Treatments

  • I'm not in your position but I'm sorry and if your dr says they are all safe meds then I would trust them. 
  • Hi!
    So I have asthma. When I was pregnant with my first it was really bad. I was on Pulmicort and many other things. It got worse as my pregnancy progressed. I was on and off prednisone most of my pregnancy .  I got a cold around 8 months and that was it. I ended up in the hospital for a week and out of work for two. I had a beautiful full term baby girl. My second pregnancy I did not have any problems with my asthma. I had a beautiful full term baby boy. This time my asthma is kicking my butt again. I'm on Pulmicort, Rhinocort and Pro Air as needed. We're team green but I'm curious if this baby is a girl. Either way the doctor is right. The meds are ok because you and your baby need to breath. Try your best not to get sick. I work in a school and have two kids in daycare. I wash my hands all the time. lol
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  • Pancake227 how often and how much pulmicort did you take daily?
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