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Favorite Girl Name

lesleycuteelesleycutee member
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I know at the end of the day it's silly to ask strangers to help pick my babies name, but it's fun to see which one is the most liked.

Favorite Girl Name 62 votes

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Re: Favorite Girl Name

  • Harlyn makes me think of Harlan here in Kentucky. Have you ever watched Justified? 

    I like Lennox, but Delaney is so under appreciated! I have a friend with a son named Landrey!
  • I don't like the spellings of Landery or Harlyn. 
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  • None of the above.
  • KoukoneiKoukonei member
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    None of them are my style to be honest, if I had to choose, I'd go with Delaney. Not to try and sway you, but my brother and SIL had a little girl in April and named her Harlyn and everyone hates it lol (no one has told them this, obviously, as that would be mean). I would really  try and keep in mind that children grow up, and what sounds cute on a 2 year old may sound weird on a 30 year old  :)
  • To be honest they look like surnames to me. Are any of them meaningful family surnames? If not, how about:
    Anne Deirdre
    Harriet Lynne
    Delilah or Elaine
    Leonie or Leona

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  • Delaney... meh.. not crazy about it

    Landrey ... is this the name of the place that throws the rolls? 

    Harlyn - this sounds really close to harlot to me....  

    Lennox- ... Like the retired heavyweight boxer?  Lennox Lewis...
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  • @beachmommy2b haha that's Lambert's.
    DD #1: April 2017
    DD #2: May 2020
    Baby #3: EDD May 2023; MC October 2022

  • Thanks for the feedback everyone. My style for names are names that no one else has. @beachmommy2b I have never heard of any roll throwers or harlot and I do not follow boxing so that's a new one to me too. @BumpasaurusRex Thank for your honesty.... @ladameperdue Yes, I absolutely love surnames for first names, I love Reagan and Kennedy as well but there are too many other girls with those names. Those names you mentioned are all tooo average names, but thank you.
  • @lesleycutee  I think there is nothing wrong with "average" names (although what you describe does not sound very average to me), I don't think it is the name that will make the baby special.  I would just think about the president test - if your child were to run for president, or become a lawyer, would they be taken seriously?  You also don't want the baby to be bullied in school because of an unusual or weird name.  

    There are also names that just don't work in the place you live.  For us, we are in England, and if you call your kid anything we consider too "american" (Madison, Jessica, etc), people assume that you are a simpleton who watches the Kardashians (even if it is not the case).  Likewise, if you call someone Haylee, Kayleigh, or anything similar, you are branded as a lower class idiot who is trying to sound unique and is failing at it.  If your kid is called Hope or Diamond or anything that means a well used positive word, then the assumption is that you are black (here we are able to use that word), uneducated and probably first or max second generation from the colonies.  This kind of stuff, like it or not, can help or hinder the kid in life.   It's a sad thing when people judge others by the names they give but they do... so just consider the community the baby is born into , too.  Might be that the names you are proposing are perfectly fine in the area and community you live? 

    At the end of the day, choose what feels right for you and for your DH though :smile:
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  • @lesleycutee

    I actually like all the names!  They're different and unique!  I'm tired of the Haydens, Aidens, Olivias, Sophias.  Those have all been in the top 10 names for the past couple of years so there are TONS of kids with the same names.  I like Landrey.  Only because it reminds me of Tom Landry...one of the greatest football coaches of all times.  BTW, my son has a friend name Lennox in daycare and I think its a pretty cool name. ;)
  • Thank you, I didn't realize any of these were thaaaat far out! Landrey is my favorite just because I have NEVER heard it, I have heard Delaney a few times but not on anyone we know.
  • Delaney is our top choice if we are having a girl. Such a cute name! 
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