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Hi ladies,
I'm Mimi and I just got a BFP, to my surprise a few days ago. My first appointment isn't until Nov 11, where they will do an u/s and "go from there" so I'm going to be a nervous wreck for the next three weeks. What doesn't help as well is that I haven't had a cycle since my pervious loss as I got my BFP on cycle day 60. Oh boy this is going to be an adventure!

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  • Welcome I know exactly what you are going through.  I had a similar situation.  I got pregnant this time around 3 weeks after my MC.  The beginning was def tough because I didn't have a period and had no idea when I got pregnant.  I had a ton of bloodwork and 2 US before we could get an actual due date.  I will after the 2nd US was the first time I was able to breath and be calm for the first time in months.  It will all go by so fast though. Good luck on the 11th!
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  • @schnitz9 thank you for your positive words! Waiting 3 weeks will feel like forever tho but at least I can BUMP to pass the time :D
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  • Congrats and thinking of you during the initial waiting time.

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  • Welcome Mimi. So sorry you're in limbo. Congrats on the bfp! We are pulling for you. Keep us posted!
  • Welcome and congratulations 
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