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not eating right?

hi all,
my son is 16 mos and has not been eating well At all this past month. He used to eat just fine but a couple of wks ago he started chewing his food and spitting it right out. 
I've talk to his pediatrician about it she says if he is pooping daily it means that something is going in. but honestly I'm not to satisfied with that answer. I figured it was because he was teething and maybe it will go away later on but it's been about a months that he hasn't been eating right. I'm beginning to worry. He is highly interested in food, I sit him down on his high chairs he asks for his fork and digs right in. but he continues to spit out and it eventually ends up on the floor.

I am so worried. is anybody else going thru this? it kills me everyday knowing he doesn't want to eat. 

Re: not eating right?

  • Sometimes it seems like most of the food I give DS ends up on the seat of his high chair or on the floor. I trust that he is getting enough because he doesn't ask/cue for food or that he is hungry afterwards, his weight is stable, and he poos once-to-twice a day. DH and I do our best to give him fruits, veggies, and healthy proteins at the beginning of the meal, and we save the carbs (his favorites are Gerber puffs and Graham crackers) til the end. Sometimes, you just have to throw in the towel and let them eat their fave foods days in a row if that's all they'll keep down. 

    Also, I notice that DS eats better when he is on-the-go, especially when DH and I aren't ready to sit down and eat at the same time. Our dinnertime routine is me cooking dinner for DH and I while LO makes circles from the living room, to his play area and back around to the kitchen at which time I give him a spoonful of his dinner and then back around again. It's tedious, but it's fun for him and he's eating! Our LO's are really at a stage where they are trying to be independent and have a hard time sitting still, even for dinner!

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  • I recently learned about a local consultant who works with families on this challenge. I googled Toddler Nutrition Consultant and got some relevant hits. I think you could start there and find a local consultant or someone who could help remotely. There are courses, etc. A local mom's FB group that I'm in recently featured this topic. Several mom's shared your concerns and felt the consultant/course was very helpful. They described the extreme stress the issue had been causing.

    I'm sorry you're going through this, and I hope you find some good support somehow!
  • Thanks for the responses. I will definitely look into that!
  • I think the prior posts have good points. You of course don't want your worry to some how be perceived by your little one, in case that might impact their eating. But it's not like you can just ignore those feelings. My daughter doesn't eat very much either. She's been a long fan of chewing food, then having it plop right out of her mouth. Then grab more food to chew and plop it out of their mouth. Then toss on the floor, etc. For me, reminding myself that it's pretty common for toddlers to have days where it seems like they eat nothing is normal. And she doesn't have an issue with weight or dirty diapers (if she did, I'd definitely worry more). I find it frustrating when right when I place her plate of food in front of her she's shaking her head saying 'no.' That's been my normal since the start of solid food.

    I can see myself being a lot more worried though if this was a more sudden development and like you said, is so far lasting a month. I feel like a nutrition consultant like @virginiaunicorn11 mentioned would be super helpful (even if it turns out your little one is fine, at least peace of mind of having the opinion of someone specialized in toddler eating behavior). 
  • Yes that exactly wat happened to me I figured it was just a phase and it will get better. He's actually been eating ALOT more thank God! It just happened all of a sudden too!
  • We've struggled with my son when it came to him eating actual solid food. He has made such great progress. Lately, he is obsessed with home made chicken soup. I too think he should be trying different foods, but hey, as long as he keeps eating is all good. I did read somewhere that some kids go through stages and don't want to eat. They will come around. Hoping your LO, is just going through a phase. 
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