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I don't want to forget (Round 2)

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Last time I posted about this I really loved reading all the sweet things that our LOs do that make the nighttime wakeups and pumping and teething all worth it. A few months have passed so let's share what warms our hearts these days! A few from David: 

I don't want to forget how he squeals with delight as soon as dinner is over because he knows his bath is next. 

I don't want to forget how he turns his face into my chest when he's feeling shy (which isn't often! Extrovert over here).

I think I said this one before, but I still don't want to forget the weight of a sleeping baby in my arms, the warmth of his breath and the softness of his hair on my shoulder.

I don't want to forget how he "shares" his toys and food with us. He also has a special little "bow"-- at the dinner table he leans his head down toward mine and we touch foreheads for a minute. It's simple, but it's so sweet and it's only for me. 

How about you guys?

Re: I don't want to forget (Round 2)

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    I don't want to forget anything. I love how excited she gets for bathtime. Apples! Her humour! How happy she is and how she wont sit still (yes I'll miss that!). Because when she snuggles shes extra cuddly. 

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  • I don't want to forget the way he smells in the morning - there's something about the lavender lotion after he's slept all night that is just intoxicating. 

    I don't want to forget how he lights up when he learns something new, like crawling or standing up. 

    I don't want to forget the way his babbling sounds, it's the cutest gibberish I have ever heard!

    I don't want to forget the magic that is breastfeeding, I have a feeling it's not going to last as long as I would like because he is just too busy for the boob most days and I can feel it slipping away faster than I am ready. 

    I don't want to forget what it's like being just him and I all day every day, I know the day will come when he has a little brother or sister and it won't be just us two (and DH, but he works) anymore.

    Aaaaand now I'm crying lol 
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  • The sound of her baby laughter and squeals! The way she kicks her little legs when she gets excited. How hilarious she thinks the dogs are. Mostly how she looked as a tiny baby. How round and chubby her face was, how cute her ears are. She got daddy's big ears!
  • The way he flaps his arms and laughs when he sees me enter a room.  The way he sleeps with his little butt up in the air.  The way he looks at me right before he does something I've told him not to.
  • You guys are making me cry! Ill miss everyrhing you all said. I'm going to miss when one day number two comes along and its no longer just us. 
  • I'm going to miss the way she does a high pitch scream when she's excited to see me. The way she laughs when I kiss the palm of her hand. The way she plays peek a boo only covering one of her eyes. The way her hair falls over her ears. The way she looks at her daddy after not seeing him all day.

    Damn it. This thread is tear jerker. 
  • I don't want to forget the way LO rests her sleepy little head against my heart at bedtime, while I rock back and forth with her in my arms. 

    I don't want to forget how the only thing that makes her stop crying after she tumbles is when I scoop her up in my arms.

    I don't want to forget how she spills the catfood everywhere and then picks up individual pieces to put them in the cat's water.

    I don't want to forget the way she gets so excited when she looks at me, even though I have been by her side every minute, all day long.
  • This is so heartwarming seeing this thread. Glad I'm not alone in feeling tears just reading.

    I don't want to forget how she squeals with delight, crawls toward, and buries her face in my or my DH lap or her favorite stuffed penguin toy when we're playing on the floor. 

    I don't want to forget how she motorboats with her lips constantly while she is crawling and exploring, sounding like a little engine on the go. The silliest and sweetest thing.

    The weight of her in my arms and her perfect face as she is just starting to drift to sleep.

    The look of pure wonder in her eyes as she studies and fixes in on things around her in the world.

    So many things. It goes by so incredibly fast.
  • I don't want to forget her silly faces, especially the one she makes when she plays her "sniffle" game.

    The way she chases her brother, pins him to the ground to give him a hug and kiss.

    The way she smiles and says "hi dada" whenever she sees or hears SO.

    Her crazy morning antics. She is always so full of smiles when she first wakes up. 

    Her love of somersaults and flips, and how she tries to do them without help... she's always so proud of herself and it's the cutest damn thing. 

    The way she laughs and shakes her head "no" if I ask if she's tired or getting fussy.

    The look on her face as she walks (and wobbles) towards me, then takes a leap forward into my arms. 
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