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  • @PMForbie I've been wanting hot coco too! And to actual want to wear a sweater! LOL I'm in AZ and it was 98 degrees yesterday. WTF AZ.. where is our fall weather? 

    Hoping you get to drink your coco soon! 

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  • @ceclarlinetlo mind blown!  Now I need all the baking bits
  • hot chocolate fans: have you ever tried Tim Tam slams??? Omg soooo good. You buy Tim Tam cookies, bit opposite corners of the cookie, stick it in the coco like a straw and suck some coco and then put the whole cookie in your mouth. It is a melty, gooey chocolate warm blanket in your mouth. Try it!!!
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  • For everyone on a hot cocoa kick, try adding some pumpkin spice creamer to it, it's delicious and I'm obsessed lately!
  • does anyone ever get chai teas at Starbucks? i love me some iced vanilla chai.... so spicy yet delicious. 
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  • What?! Coffee is LIFE! Y'all are crazy. 

    I can't drink it while I'm pregnant because it gives me insane heartburn, and I miss it so. However, I do enjoy hot cocoa, but I can't drink that either while pregnant because chocolate also gives me heartburn. It's the worst.
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  • @emy730 oh I'll be back on the coffee is life train in January. I quit cold turkey when I got my BFP. I'm a 2-3 coffees a day kind of girl and knew I could never limit myself to 1. Luckily coffee started smelling gross to me in May so it's been easy avoiding it.

    And I'm so sorry about your heartburn. I can't imagine avoiding chocolate that much.
  • I'm in Los Angeles and ohh emm geee its finally raining!!!!! Perfect hot cocoa weather, if only I wasn't stuck at work! 
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  • I don't know why but I still can't bring myself to drink hot coffee this pregnancy. I drank it before pregnancy but in the first and second trimesters, it kept triggering intense morning sickness... that's all gone and past now, but I'm convinced I have mild PTSD from all the puking haha. There's a coffee shop on my block and they look at me like I'm crazy when I order an ice coffee or cold brew coffee and it's 45 degrees outside :)
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  • @canavara I'm the type of gal who has drank Frappuccino's and indulged in ice cream cones when it's in the 40s and raining and then had hot chocolate and lattes mid summer in the 90s+. No shame.  

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  • I'm not sure if this is a UO or just me being bitchy, but I was sitting here enjoying my lunch watching old episodes of Army Wives on Netflix, when my co-worker comes over and starts talking about a project he's working on for 10 minutes.  I don't get why people come over and bug you on your lunch break, but I felt like telling him to eff off, can't you see I'm eating!!
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  • @Ashleybrandon1990 that is a HUGE pet peeve of mine! It has happened to me so much, people just rambling on and on and on that now I leave everyday for lunch. DH works down the street from me so it works out kinda nice to have lunch together :smiley:
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  • @AlicjaB I think I need to start leaving. 
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  • I'm waiting for it to get cold enough to really indulge in my hot cocoa obsession! I was a huuuuuge coffee drinker before pregnancy. But it makes me sick now. 

    @aels12 I was actually staring at the pumpkin creamers the other day so sad... because I wouldn't be able to enjoy them this year. I am going to definitely try your suggestion!
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