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WTF Wednesday

Wednesday is almost over, and we haven't done this in a while, but I feel the need to bring this back this week. What has you saying WTF today?

WTF LO, why do you suddenly freak out over the bath again? Whats happened? You used to love it, then you hated it when we travelled. That made sense, kind of. It took weeks to get you to loving it again, and now all of a sudden you act like we are torturing you? It's not even a leap week right now I don't think. 

Re: WTF Wednesday

  • WTF Home warranty company. I don't have the energy to explain their nonsense in detail, but I spent hours of my life today that I will never get back either on hold or speaking to representatives who are clearly well trained in doing absolutely nothing, only to find out that my claim isn't covered anyway. I actually shed a tear when I found out. 
  • WTF landlord. It took you three days to fix the raw sewage leaking onto my bathroom floor and you still haven't fixed the mold wall in my garage. Ugh.
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  • WTF LEAP 7 
  • @kaym6 oh no please don't say that.  We're a day away from leap 7. What's going on with your LO? What should I prepare myself for? I'm scared lol 
  • Wtf sinus pressure and headaches. Can't take any decongestants bc having a hard enough time with keeping my milk supply up. the things we do for these kids!!
  • I know it's not Wednesday anymore, but WTF nasty cold that has hit our entire household! 2 sick kiddos, sick parents, and a grouchy dog that is just starting pain meds. Fevers, coughing, stuffy heads, the whole shtick for the whole family. Also, WTF my college football team! Are you awake?! I could provide better coverage that you right now! GAH! Ok, I feel better now.
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  • Cooks. I'm so sick of working in restaurants. It's like its a prerequisite that you have to be a terrible person to cook professionally. 
  • Also, WTF to my mother in law. She spoon fed my daughter, who has been full on baby led weaning since 6 months, jello and oreos today. I don't even keep those things in my house. So she brought them to my house and spoon fed her while i was at work. Next time, just feed her spoonfuls of sugar. Cut out the middle man.
  • @JanuarysBaby1 the leap was fine at first then suddenly sooo cranky 20 min naps, screaming instead of sleeping it was insane. But then it was only like that for a few days and now he seems to be back to norm? Hopefully it stays that way! Clearly when I posted that wasn't on a good day lol only 22 more days left, why do the leaps keep getting longer and longer! Lol 
  • WTF I'm getting my second round of blisters on my hands. I had HFAM, but it's been clearing up for about a week and a half, and now new blisters? Viruses can suck it.
  • WTF to today. 
    Halloween sucked.. so bad.. 
    all I wanted was to take LO out trick or treating (even though he's 10 months -- it's the experience that counts. mommy was going to eat the candy if anyone gave us any) -- seriously just wanted to walk around with other mom friends who have kids older than LO wasn't going to ask anyone for candy unless they gave me any. 
    BUT NO. I spent $50 on Halloween things that he wore for 10 minutes and we didn't even do anything. 
    I'm so disappointed, it was his first Halloween and it sucked. 
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