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Baby Sleep Attire

I live in New England and it is getting cold.  Despite setting the temp to 70-72 degrees baby's room always feels drafty (particularly because her crib mattress is so low it's almost on the floor).  I'm struggling with how to appropriately dress her at night which is made more difficult by the fact that we are in between sizes (9 months too tight and 12 mos too big for footsie pjs-- we literally have two pairs of pjs that fit right now and I do those with a white t-shirt. One pj is cotton and the other is Terri cloth).  Also as she gets bigger the bigger sizes seem less available with feet... but if the pjs don't have feet, do I put socks on her at night?  I would assume she would rip them right off 

Re: Baby Sleep Attire

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    Have you tired a sleep sack?  they have fleece ones that would help keep her warm and prevent her from grabbing her socks.
  • We used (and loved) our sleep sack (we had several cotton Halo ones) back when she was younger, but discontinued at the recommendation of our pediatrician around 3 months or so.  He wasn't a fan of anything that abnormally restricted movement.  
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  • That's interesting, I've never heard that before.  I don't see how they restrict movement.  Our DS certainly moves around quite a lot in his.  He even crawls and stands up.  Have you asked him what you can do instead?
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    I'm always so confused what to put LO in too. We're in New England also and live in a drafty house built in the 1800s. We bought a space heater for LOs room. I did some research and found one that was meant for a single room, cool to the touch and had a thermostat and timer. So far it's worked great. We set it at 68 and dress her in a fleece footed pj. I also came across this article yesterday https://www.babble.com/baby/what-should-my-baby-wear-to-sleep/

    As for pjs w feet our go tos are Target (the Just One You by Carter's) and Carter's.  Once you get to 12 months they don't sell those amazing cheap multipacks of footies anymore :( I think we end up paying about $7 to $8 a pj for fleece. 

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  • My LO overheats in fleece--even when it's cold.
    I really like those terry cloth sleepers from Carters. You can get them in larger sizes from Kohl's. (I haven't seen them anywhere else, other than the Carters website.) If you go to Carters website, you can also just select "One Piece 12-24 months," and look at only the ones available in the right sizes.
    We just moved up to 12 month in pjs. I would rather them be a little long in the leg than too tight on her poor toes.
  • I love my sleep sack. we have a quilted one that's rated for 16-20 degrees C  and it should cover us for the whole winter! I have also found footie pj's in bigger sizes at superstore and Costco.  as LO is in 12-18m size already. 
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  • Man, I long for cold, Fall weather. We've been in the 80's and 90's here all week in San Diego. I'm really wanting to get out LO's cute, Fall clothes. No advice. Just wishing I lived somewhere with seasons...
  • The Children's Place has blanket sleepers, which are like fleece PJ's are super cozy. We're in between sizes also, but I also tend to size up on everything for room to grow and some shrinkage after wash  Here is a link 
  • @cyanope i'm in SD too! Where do you live? My girl was born 1/5! :D
  • @cyanope we live In central Pennsylvania right now. I was born in new Hampshire, lived in Florida for 10 years. I'll take year round 80s! Haha i hate cold
  • I would probably get sick of the cold, too, @mrsgetz4000. But the idea of it sounds lovely!
    I'm in East county, @grkgdss00. Where are you? My LO was born on 1/7.
  • @cyanope - i'm in north county Carlsbad. But i'm from east El Cajon (Granite Hills area) :) 
  • Wow, @grkgdss00. Small world! I'm from Santee...born and raised. And can't seem to get out. Although, I love Santee, so I shouldn't complain too much. I work in El Cajon, though. Rancho San Diego area. 
  • Thank you everyone for all the great suggestions!!
  • Right now we have LO in a cotton footie pj. His room isn't terribly cold, but we keep the house at 65 over night, so I wanted to be sure he would be warm enough. He also wears flannel footie pjs and he seems to sleep better in them even though he feels like he is too hot.. LO is a large kid, so at 10 months he is wearing 18 month footies. I prefer that the pjs are too long in the leg than too short in the torso. Too short leads to leaky diapers. I also have 5 fluffy blankets strewn around his crib and he will burrow if he gets cold. He's not good at it, but he does it.
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  • We recently moved from the Carters cotton sleep and plays to the Snug fit cotton pjs also from Carters. I'm not sure if I should put socks on him to sleep? I HATE sleeping in socks so idk if babies sleeping in socks is normal haha he never has before but his feet always feel cold when he wakes up especially now not covered by footie pjs He does have a zipadeezip over them though so idk! Do your babies sleep in socks
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    I thought you could still use sleep sacks but not swaddle them. They still can move but they stay warm.
  • Guys - I just bought this! It's a Halo sleepsack but with feet openings so they can still crawl and move around :) 
  • Thanks!!! I'm going to buy that sleep sack with feet.  What our pediatrician had said was he was against anything that unnaturally restricted movement (so I assume he meant the regular sleep sack would make crawling and standing up more difficult), but this seems better!  I was also curious as to socks!
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