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Let's all be AWs here: cute baby things


Re: Let's all be AWs here: cute baby things

  • Maybe I'm just a weirdo or having a baby won't seem real to me until he's actually here, but I have not purchased one thing specifically for baby aside from a box of used baby books. My mom bought me a crib/bookshelf because she insisted (I think she was worried I would really do the baby in a box thing, which I find no issue with). I'm in the less is more camp, but I also think it still hasn't really hit me we're having a baby. I'm hoping it will feel real when we're back in our house and I start decorating the nursery. Everything that everyone has is so cute! I wish I could get into it more. I think it's just my personality. 
  • @newyearsbaby5 I had the same feelings when I was pregnant with my first. I was pretty disconnected from her and just went through the motions until she was born. Then it took abut two months before I really started to bond with her. It's normal and not weird.
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  • Some super cute baby goodies I picked up on vacation! My husband says boys can't wear uggs but the camp are just too cute and soft. And of course my 2.5 y/o found the activity spiral and it has been removed from the box. 
  • ^^ camo not camp :) 
  • @gapeachrn where are those cute sheets from? Love those!
  • @HJMorgan we love Monsters Inc/University as well. So much that DS decided when we found out it was a boy, that he wanted the nursery decorated in Monsters for baby brother. Where did you get the cute bib and shirt outfit? I'm going to be spending quite a bit of money on Etsy here soon! 

    @Smiley-1980 I've been resisting but the bug of "oh my God, were really having a second baby boy" has finally hit me! Loving all those adorable Little Brother outfits. I said I wasn't going to dress my kids in matching outfits but I so am! Lol 

    @newyearsbaby5 another poster took the words out of my mouth but what you're feeling is normal. I was excited when I was pregnant with my first but it never really sunk in to that deep emotional level. I was never emotional about being pregnant until after he was born. Honestly, when he came three weeks early I was scared and very angry because I didn't get my two weeks Christmas vacation that I was desperately looking forward to. I know that sounds very self-centered but that's truly how I felt--the month leading up to his birth was one of the hardest periods of time at my job in terms of stress plus I was in a car accident. It was hard to connect at first and it was several weeks before I felt like, "ok, I really amthis little baby's Mommy and I can do this". Now, I couldn't imagine my life without him and I'm finally getting excited for this little one. I'm 27 weeks in and have yet to buy anything for him, except for beadboard wallpaper for the nursery. Lol If it wasn't for my Mom I wouldn't have even opened the old clothes boxes. She's done almost all of that. She thinks I'm crazy too! 
  • @HJMorgan we love Monsters Inc/University as well. So much that DS decided when we found out it was a boy, that he wanted the nursery decorated in Monsters for baby brother. Where did you get the cute bib and shirt outfit? I'm going to be spending quite a bit of money on Etsy here soon!
    All clothes I got so far are from Burlington Coat Factory. They had some really cute stuff for really cheap! :)
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  • My friend had that outfit for her daughter when they left the hospital and it was SO cute!!
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  • I love this outfit so much that I bought 8 onesies! My local Restoration Hardware Outlet had a huge sale and I paid $11 for each onesie and $3.99 for the hat!!
  • These came in the mail yesterday and I'm obsessed!! can't handle the cuteness :)
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  • @LBLQ84 that bear hat is so freakin cute! 
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  • DH and I are huge Buffalo Bills fans. Yesterday at the shower, my SIL gifted us his first jersey, customized with his name. It's so tiny! Also 51 was DH's number when he played football in high school. ... it may be our favorite gift. 
    @christac1010 OMG this is so adorable!! super cute & thoughtful gift!!

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  • @hayhay87 my girl had a pair of gap skinny jeans as well...not completely impractical...a little snug on her chunky legs but totally adorable. 
  • sagoon said:
    I found this at a kids consignment shop and had to buy it.  It's an 18-24M size but she'll grow into it!

    We have that for my 3 year old! It's so adorable!
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  • jlinke926 said:
    ID bracelets for the girls (because I'm paranoid we will mix them up!) they are soooo tiny! One of my best friends is an identical twin and her mom painted their toe nails different colors when they were babies to identify them.  Every once and a while my friend does admit she's scared she's the other twin.  
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  • @canavara our boys can be old man chic together! 
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  • @canavara so cute! Would be a great Easter outfit. 
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