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Breast pain

Question about Breast Pain! This is my second baby, I'm 14w3days today. I have had tender breasts since I conceived this LO, but in the last 2 days the pain is too much! I've grown a cup size already and they are extremely round and actually feel full. They are extremely tender to touch and hurts to wear a bra... Anyone else?? Any advice! TIA

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  • Mine have been like this for awhile this pregnancy already (I'm 15 weeks today). DS only stopped nursing though when I was 6 weeks along so not sure if that has made a difference. I switched to a stretchy soft bra most days and that helps. I'm a DD, it's not super supportive, but feels better than most regular bras for sure. 
  • So far I haven't had too much trouble. Yes they are tender, fuller and somewhat painful. But with my DD, omg, the pain was horrible. It kept me up at night, I couldn't lift my arms at times, it was ridiculous. To the point where my OB had sent me for additional  testing thinking something was wrong. But everything was fine, it was just intense pain. all you can do is find a good bra that is soft yet supportive without squishing them.

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  • I have had this, not so tender that I can't wear a bar. But it is uncomfortable to wear a bra. I have went up more than a cup size at 13 weeks, and my breast are definitely "fuller" in the morning. My fiance even was noticing this morning that they look so much fuller in the morning then the night before. This is baby #2 for me as well.

    I would agree with previous posters and switch to the soft bras like the nursing racer backs are the most comfortable in my opinion.  
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  • Oh, definitely. I think I need to wear a sports bra to bed because when I sit up in the morning, gravity takes over and my breasts feel like they are full of lead. Super painful.
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  • I'm 16w6d and in the last week I've had to start wearing a sports bra to bed because moving around at night is too painful without support.  I was an A/B cup before pregnancy and I'd guess I've grown nearly a full size.
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  • Definitely worse for me this time around. I have felt sore since my BFP and they just seem to feel heavier and heavier as the days go by. As previous posters have said mine too are worse first thing when I wake up (or if I take a nap) and then when i take my bra off at night the sports bra immediately has to go on. No going without here! I have grown probably a good cup size (probably a little more but i can't force myself to go bra shopping yet as I'm afraid i'll out grow them too soon so i am squeezing into what i have) and am 17 weeks tomorrow.
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