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10 years between babies

Hello All,

I'm new to TB so still learning about navigating the website. I recently found out I'm expecting after being told I may not be able to have any more children and am wondering how this pregnancy will be different from my first since its been so long. I am currently 17 weeks and have had almost no symptoms. I didn't even know I was pregnant till I was 12 weeks.

Thanks in advance for your answers :)
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Re: 10 years between babies

  • I don't think years in between make the difference.  I'm on baby #5 and my oldest will be 7 when this one arrives.  Each of my pregnancies and deliveries have been different!  Just being older, than the first time, your body might respond different.  Each one (just like kids) come with new surprises :) don't try to compare. But some new birthing books, check out all your birthing options in your area, find what works best for you.  By 17 weeks most of the "symptoms" have subsided.  Good luck momma and congrats!
  • I'm also on baby 5 and my oldest will be 8 when this one is born and I concur with @cook3133 I have found that the biggest difference over the years is the baby gear available and the introduction of the first trimester screening. Congrats!
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  • @Mariposa06

    You lucky girl!  No symptoms....oh how I wish I had been in your shoes! Congrats Momma! :)
  • I'm on baby #3.  My daughter will be 9 and son 6 when this one arrives.  I'm actually looking forward to the age gap so the older two (who are VERY excited) will be able to help and be involved.  Sadly, I still throw up most mornings and have nausea frequently throughout the day.  As much as it sucks, I just remind myself it's temporary and the most amazing thing is waiting for us on the other side!
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  • Welcome and congrats! I am 10 years younger than my youngest sibling. My mom was 39 when she had me and always tells me she didn't have any "extra" hardships during that time. She claims she had some heartburn and trouble sleeping during the final weeks. However, she worked overtime the week before I was born so, it couldn't have been that bad. I hope everything continues smoothly for you! 
  • Thank you everyone. I feel like I can breathe a little easier this time around, especially with the wealth of knowledge that wasnt as accessible the first time around. And being able to get great feedback from women in my position is so amazing. Congrats to all of you lovely ladies and good luck!
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