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Sinus infections and congestion

I remember on one of the threads last week it seemed like everyone had a sinus infection. I'm pretty sure I'm about to join the club. I've had a terrible cold over the weekend and have been trying everything to get as much cleared out of me as possible. However, I had to fly this weekend and because of the congestion my ears didn't pop. I'm currently barely able to hear anything out of my left ear. 

What have you been doing for relief? How do you get rid of all the congestion? 

Re: Sinus infections and congestion

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    I had a nasty sinus infection recently - no fun! I finished antibiotics 1.5 weeks ago and my right ear is *just now* clearing up to where I can hear normally.  I was basically told that time and lots of fluids is the best thing.  An audiologist friend of mine also told me that Nasonex (or other similar nasal steroid sprays) can also reduce the congestion, and I think that's helped me. (Nasonex is class C, but I was told it stays in your nasal tissues and doesn't enter the bloodstream like other types of steroids so it's safe).  My OB said Sudafed might help as well, but after having heart palpitations last week I'm going to stay away from those. Hope you feel better soon!!

    Edit: I forgot about NeilMed saline nasal rinses! Let me count the ways that I love these. Just make sure you're using distilled water and go through the disinfection process every time after use.
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  • My OB vetoed Nasonex and sudafed, boo. I, too, wrapped up a course of antibiotics about 2 weeks ago, but I'm still pretty congested. My ears have stayed mostly clear, but my sinus pressure is still insane. I've been using my neti pot and that helps. Warm steamy showers, rest, and lots of fluids are all that's helping right now. Oh, how I wish I could just take my Alka Seltzer Cold and Flu...Good luck!
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  • I haven't taken anything yet but my doctor did say that Benadryl is safe for pregnancy. Also approved a "short course" of sudafed. After reading about this topic I found a lot of people getting relief from Benadryl... good luck! 
  • I had such a bad case of sinusitis a few weeks ago that I ended up in the ER. I got antibiotics and Afrin. That nasal spray is safe to use during pregnancy and it saved my life!!!

  • Oh no, sounds awful!  I had it at 9.5 weeks.  I took antibiotics for a week and took it extra easy.  Lots of hot lemon/honey water, lots of sleep (on a side, so at least one nostril unblocks).  The worst part lasted a week, with day 5-6 being the toughest, but I didnt take any meds, not even safe ones, bar the antibiotics.  I found that homemade inhalation (towel on head, bend over a large dish of steaming water with lavender drops) helped a lot, so did warm baths.  Good luck!!!
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