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Biting crib

Anyone have this issue with their LO? She stands in her crib and chews it. It's getting to point where paint is coming off! I tell her no and try to distract her with a toy but that doesn't work. 

Re: Biting crib

  • There isn't anything you can really do to get them to stop teething on the crib, it's hard and available. I highly recommend getting crib wraps. They saved our crib from my first and are saving it from my second. We bought these Trend Lab in brown and they are still in fantastic shape. We bought extra side panels to cover the corners and it has worked beautifully.
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  • We had that problem about a month or two ago. Except we didnt know it was happening because she would do it when we put her down for a nap. I got her one day and saw brown stain on her sheets from her drooling and it dripping down. it looked like a beaver had eaten all over the crib. I cant imagine how much wood and stain she ate. I took a towel and wrapped it around her rails and she hasnt done it since. 
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  • It's really easy ( and way more cost effective) to make your own rail covers out of fleece.  You could either go super cheap and use an old fleece blanket or get a fun print from the fabric store.
  • I cannibalized a sheet and wrapped it around the rails. He hasn't chewed it as much since, but his crib also looks like a beaver took a stab at it. I figure that this crib will get beat up through multiple kids and multiple moves, so I shouldn't worry about it too much.
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