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Appointments week of 10/24

It's the last week of October!!!  Anyone moving to the every-two-weeks appointment schedule just yet??

Re: Appointments week of 10/24

  • Appointment on Tuesday (OB) and Friday (NeuroMuscular - like a chiro)

    I turn my BS into the OB tomorrow and I'm thinking I'm on my way to another GD diagnosis....

    I think I move to every 2 weeks after next month. I was moved early last pregnancy so I'm not sure...

  • I have a kind of odd appointment tomorrow. Like many, I was told at my A/S (18 weeks) that they might need a few more shots from different angles and that if they did, I'd come back in around 22 weeks. They told me that they'd run it by their consulting MFM, no news was good news, and I never got a call. Until last Friday.

    A nurse from my practice called me at work to tell me they wanted to bring me back in because "it has been a while since your last ultrasound." I know perfectly well that's not a reason for an ultrasound unless something else is going on. I pushed a bit and learned that there had been some sort of miscommunication/misplacement of my file after it came back from the MFM and they've known since a few days after the A/S that they needed more shots from me, they just never actually got to the point of calling me to come in. 

    There's no reason for concern-they just need better angles of the heart-but because it is so last minute H can't come. I hate having US's without him since there's always the possibility of tough news. I'm also hopeful that my technician can still get the shots she needs since he's now a 25 week baby that's been measuring large, not a 22 weeker like he should have been for this follow up.

    My next regular appointment (plus 1 hour) is a week from tomorrow, and I bet I'll go to every two weeks after that but am not 100% sure yet. 

  • Regular OB and 1 hour glucose was this morning. I go back in 3 weeks(I'm off track due to OB vacation) and after that, I think he said we'll start every 2 weeks! I haven't gained any weight, but belly is consistently measuring 2-3 weeks ahead. Today he mentioned a possiblity of another ultrasound for checking baby size, and in 9 weeks, I will visit the surgery area where my repeat c/s will be!
  • I had an ultrasound this morning with the MFM, kidney is now compressing the bladder even though they drained it a week and a half ago again so baby isn't taking in enough amniotic fluid and I have too much built up. They're placing the kidney shunt on Thursday so I got a steroid shot today in case of preterm labor, go back in tomorrow for another steroid shot, and then the appointment for the shunt Thursday. I have a regular OB appt Friday and my home health nurse comes out Friday as well. I felt totally ridiculous having the home nurse when I started but now I'm so glad I do!

  • How scary @cantalopes24. Thinking of you and hope that all goes well with your shunt procedure.

  • @Xstatic3333 thanks! The lab results from the last drain went down from previous drains which is good so I'm hoping they may be able to save some of the functionality of the kidney by relieving the pressure. We are being seen by someone really good who has actually done the procedure before at a good hospital so I'm trying to reassure myself that means it will be ok.
    So glad you are in good hands and, it sounds like, calm spirits. You and the baby have got this!

  • Good luck to you @cantalopes24! I'm praying for you! I was actually wondering from your post on the other thread how is it that you have too much fluid.  But I understand now after what you said here.  

    I saw the ENT today.  She was super nice.  My infection is all gone and the reason I'm still getting that whooshing sound in my right ear is because ....wait for it.....hormones from the pregnancy have caused the tube that runs from my ear to my nose to swell up. When I'm doubt, pregnancy is the cause! They also did a hearing test which showed I do have diminished hearing but I should get it back hopefully in a month after using Rhinocort everyday....that's if I don't go insane before that.  
    Starting a new job tomorrow should be fun when I have to keep asking people to repeat themselves.  

    @NiceyMeany I start two week appointments next week.  Shit's getting real,  yo!!

  • Had my normal monthly checkup today, and repeat AS to get the profile shot. Even though they only needed the profile, she re-measured everything and said it all looks good! 

    They also scheduled my GD test 3 weeks from now, right before our vacation, and impressed upon me that we both needed to get the flu shot after our trip. I asked for more details, and she said pregnant women have a much harder time handling the flu, and often end up hospitalized. A few each season apparently even end up intubated in ICU with the flu, which sounds absolutely horrible. So, I guess we are both getting the flu shot.

    DH did get the flu and pleurisy (sp?) last year, and he was miserable for a week. I have never had it, and hopefully that luck holds out this year.

    Oddly enough, she told me to plan to feel bad for a few days after. Does anyone know why that is? I did not think to ask why, as I was still processing the whole, pregnant ladies with the flu often end up hospitalized thing. 
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  • @WinchesterGirl I'm not really sure why she would have said that. The vaccine isn't the live flu virus so it's not like it can actuly make you sick. The only thing you should be dealing with after is a sore arm!
  • @cantalopes24 I'm so glad to hear you are seeing a good provider. Sending good thoughts your way! Keep us updated and good luck this week!
  • I'm having a routine checkup on Friday, nothing too eventful. Just the heartbeat and then they ask me how I'm feeling. I think I'm gonna bring up anxiety this time because I can't seem to kick this crazy panic attack streak I've been riding the past few weeks. It's probably hormonal, and normal. But I'm not too experienced in obstetric psychology so I'll have to refer to the OB and see what she has to say about it. Just to be on the safe side. :smile:
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  • I found out I failed my one hour glucose test by 3 points, so it's off for the 3 hour one next week. I hope I failed because I ate a snack right before my one hour, but if it turns out to be GD I will be thankful they caught it!
  • @Xstatic3333, I hope they can get all the shots they need even though the baby is bigger now. Did you ever end up finding out the results from when you got tested for Lyme? I'm so sorry if you already did and I missed reading about it! 

    @cantalopes24, I hope everything works out okay with all that you have going on, that's a lot of stuff to deal with. I'm glad you have the home health nurse. No shame in that!

    @AfKash, glad to hear your ear infection has cleared and that whatever is still going on can be attributed to the pregnancy and nothing too serious. Good luck today with your new job and I hope you feel better/get your hearing back soon!
  • I have my regular monthly appointment early today, but not sure when they will be switching to 2 weeks. Also have a follow up appointment with an orthopedic surgeon later today after tearing a ligament in my knee this past weekend. 
  • @cantalopes24 i hope all goes well! you're in my thoughts

    regular MW appt on Thurs. getting flu shot and will get schedule for finger pricks. i'm 25 weeks this week, not sure when bi-weekly appts begin? 
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  • I had my monthly appointment today! They were pleased with my sugars. Two more weeks of monitoring since I am being brought back in two weeks anyway for another U/S and follow up.  Apparently baby is measuring at 28 weeks (by tape measure) rather then 24....

    I never experienced this with my first! I was convinced that I was more pregnant (by a month- it was funny cycle) but our dating U/S and A/S disagreed.

    She also ordered a CBC to ensure that I'm not anemic (but no finger prick). Different?!

    Now I'm here wondering what on earth this baby is doing to be measuring so far along!
  • Thank you @jab3!! Ya,  it was a little embarrassed having to ask my manager to repeat herself several times.  Oops!

    I'm so sorry you tote your ligament! That sounds painful!! And I don't think those heal so easily.  What did the surgeon say? 

  • CAmama99 said:
    I found out I failed my one hour glucose test by 3 points, so it's off for the 3 hour one next week. I hope I failed because I ate a snack right before my one hour, but if it turns out to be GD I will be thankful they caught it!
    This is exactly me now too. I had already passed it, but barely so they made me redo it (the one hour.) And now I'm in the exact same boat as you, so guess we'll see how it goes next week!
  • @AfKash, yeah I've been limping around everywhere it's crazy. I had to reschedule my appointment until Friday morning, so it will be interesting to see what they have to say. I'm pretty sure they won't operate on it until after baby is born. I do think they might be able to fix my hernia while they're doing my csection though, but the doc who will be doing the surgery said we'll discuss that in a few weeks. 
  • Ouch! I'm sorry you have to wait that long.  I don't know how you're dealing! Don't they see patients on am emergency basis? That's like standard procedure for orthopaedics. 

  • Well I did go to the ER this weekend just to make sure I didn't fracture it (SO relieved I didn't) and they said there's not much I can do other than the usual, ice, elevate it, ace bandages etc. They told me that because of the torn ligament I need to see the orthopedic surgeon. I had to reschedule my appointment with them until Friday morning though. The ER doc told me he doesn't think they will operate on it until after the baby is born, but that it's really the orthopedic surgeon's call. So we'll see I guess! 
  • Just got back from my 1-hour glucose test. I really didn't think the drink was that bad! Like McDonald's orange drink, but thicker.

    @WinchesterGirl I felt awful after my flu shot, for the rest of the day and the entire following day. Extremely fatigued and foggy-headed and kind of achy (my arm was really sore, too!). The vaccine most certainly does NOT give you the flu, but you can just have a reaction to it that makes you feel a little crummy. I felt good as new by the second day after!
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  • Jab3 said:
    CAmama99 said:
    I found out I failed my one hour glucose test by 3 points, so it's off for the 3 hour one next week. I hope I failed because I ate a snack right before my one hour, but if it turns out to be GD I will be thankful they caught it!
    This is exactly me now too. I had already passed it, but barely so they made me redo it (the one hour.) And now I'm in the exact same boat as you, so guess we'll see how it goes next week!
    Fingers crossed for us both!
  • I'm here at the hospital for my 3 hour glucose and I ain't happy right now.  Why is it so freaking busy today? My appointment was at 8, didn't get registered until 8:33 even though I arrived early.  Plus, i just found out that I could have come in as early as 6:30. I'm going to be unnecessarily hungry until noon.  
    And lastly, why the hell do people bring like 5 people with them to the lab??? You need that much moral support? There's no room to sit here.  How about you all leave so that actual patients can sit down.  
    I'm probably overreacting, sorry.  just particularly grouchy this morning.  

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