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Picking a pediatrician


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  • @tinabelcher I think it varies from pediatrician to pediatrician or even from baby to baby. We got discharged with a slight jaundice diagnosis so we saw the doctor the day after discharge to check her bilirubin levels then again at 1 month. But had we not seen him that next day we'd have gone in for a weigh in at 2 weeks but only because she was small. 
    This baby? Same pediatrician but so far he's only planning on seeing us at 1 month as long as everything is normal.

    Butttttt I feel like where you're having twins and they'll likely be on the smaller side just cause multiples, that they'd wanna see you at 2 weeks? Idk. Although most doctors will let you come in for a height/weight check whenever you want for no charge. So I guess even if they didn't wanna see you then you could still take them in for a weigh in between? 

  • @katesmama0706 ah I didn't realize that in between weight checks are a thing people did, they didn't mention it but I'll definitely bring it up (straight up schedule it LOL) at the first appointment to ease my mind! 
  • Huh...interesting. In our preparing for childbirth class the instructor told us this week that baby will be checked at hospital at birth & then again at 5 or 7 days depending on when baby is born. We haven't picked our pediatrician yet to validate. Just thought I'd let you know what we've heard. 
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