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Hormones after D&C

Okay, I apologize in advance for how long this is, but I had a D&C over 8 weeks ago, after having an incomplete miscarriage :( and my HPTs are still showing up positive. I went to the DR on Wed to get my blood drawn to see what my HCG is at, and that was negative for HCG, but my HPTs are STILL all positive! (And I'm using FRER tests, not cheapies) Has anyone had this happen after a miscarriage or D&C? We desperately want to start trying again but my body doesn't seem to be cooperating.  When did your levels return to normal?

Re: Hormones after D&C

  • It's possible that it's a bad batch of tests since your blood HCG is negative. I'm 12 weeks post MMC and my blood HCG levels are still in the 20s and my HPTs still show up positive. I wish I had an explanation for you.

    TTC#1 - 6.3.16
    BFP#1 - 7.1.16, (mo-di twins + singleton) due 3.15.17
    MC singleton - 7.13.16 - 5w
    MMC identical twins - 8.5.16 - 8w+2d
    Misoprostol 4x
    D&C - 9.12.16
    Hysteroscopy - 11.21.16 - Retained tissue filling half of uterus removed, blocked left tube, benched for 2 cycles, on estrogen/progesterone for 30 days
    HSG - 2.7.17 - Asherman's Syndrome. Both tubes open.
    Hysteroscopy 2.13.17 - Incomplete adhesiolysis for Asherman's, benched & on estrogen/progesterone for 30 days. At least two more surgeries needed...
    Hysteroscopy 3.21.17 - Adhesiolysis for Asherman's, benched & on estrogen/progesterone for 30 days.
    TTCAL #1: 4.24.17
    Hysteroscopy 5.23.17 - Scars reformed. Adhesiolysis. Unsure what to do next...
    Fertility acupuncture - started 6.13.17
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