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To pump or not to pump

Is anyone who pumps at work thinking of stopping?  I'm only pumping about 1x per day at this point, but occasionally get wrapped up in what I'm doing (my job is quite physical) and forget and and fear pumping too late in the day to meet the demands of the babe's 6-bedtime nursing extravagansa.  She's nurses at least once in the morning, once in the evening and often at least once between midnight and 6am (depending on how she's sleeping, how much she ate before bed, etc...)  At this point I'm only pumping to make sure she has a 3oz nibble while I'm away.  So frustrated...
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Re: To pump or not to pump

  • I thought I was alone I am still pumping at work I'm a teacher and try to pump at least twice a day to keep up with her milk demand  and she is still solely on breast milk within the last few days I've noticed my supply has gone from 4 ounces per breast to barely squeezing out two ounces per breast with her approaching 10 months old I'm hoping to make it to the one year stretch but if you're able to continue pumping do so what I do also, I have a car adapter where I plug in my breast pump and if I don't have time pump at work i pump on my way home I will hook up my breast pump in the car and just pump while I'm driving... best of luck!! 
  • I just recently dropped my once a day pumping. My girl decided a few weeks ago that she no longer wanted milk during the day, only in the morning and at night. I kept pumping midday just in case she changed her mind and went back to taking milk/bottles at daycare but I think that ship has sailed. It's amazing not to keep pumping, but I am honestly sad that our breastfeeding relationship is coming to an end. 
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