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Sleep changes? :(

All right y'all. Who's having sleep problems too? DD was a champion sleeper until about three weeks ago. Now all of a sudden her naps are thirty minutes long if I'm lucky and she wakes up ready to go at 5am. I know this child isn't getting enough sleep but I feel like I've tried everything. Ive read books, talked to her doctor and nothing they suggest seems to help. I've tried transitioning to two naps a day, hoping she'll sleep longer and it doesn't work. 

I don't even know that I'm looking for advice, maybe just some sympathy. This mama is tired

Re: Sleep changes? :(

  • My lo was sleeping through til 6 months, then decided to wake! We are down to one night feed now (mostly!). I miss sleeping long stretches! Sometimes we nap well, other days we refuse! I'd love to give you advice, but I have none! Can sympathise with you tho! One day we will get sleep again! 
  • My little guy didn't start consistently sleeping through the night until 4 months. When he got his first teeth at 6 months that ruined his sleeping through the night. A few weeks after his first teeth came through he ended up with an ear infection and since then we don't usually get him sleeping through the night more than once or twice a week.

    Now in the past week he has gone from putting in a 30 minute morning nap and 2-3 hour afternoon nap to doing  two 20-30 minute naps. 

    I am so ready for him to get back on track. This has been so exhausting. I never had problems with this with my older 3 boys.

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  • I think we're doing OK overall (he's usually up 1-2x in the night and he naps 2-3x a day for anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours).

    But man, it's been a tough week. He's been waking up more often in the night, wide awake and ready to play instead of drowsy. That means it's been taking up to an hour, sometimes an hour and a half in the middle of the night to get him back to sleep again - and it's been happening multiple times per night. I had to do my review at work on 3 hours of sleep, ugh.

    It's my partner's birthday this week. As his present, my mom is going to watch LO for a night while we go sleep at a hotel. THANK YOU, MOM!!! The timing couldn't be better. I'm such a zombie.
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    My LO is almost 9 months. He's been a great sleeper and napper until a few days ago. I usually just put him in his crib and he falls asleep, but lately he stands there and screams and cries. Normally I would let him CIO, but my fiancé is on night work and is trying to sleep. He came out of the bedroom yesterday yelling at me for keeping him awake- like I'm doing it on purpose or something. I am not sure what's going on with my LO, but it would be nice to have him back on his good napping routine. Normally he wakes around 730, takes a bottle and then goes back to sleep until 930-10. Then he would take an afternoon nap for about 2 hours. Not anymore, he wants to be up ALL day long. I had to take a one hour stroller walk yesterday just to get him to sleep for a little bit. I froze my butt off outside, but he got a nap and it worked. 
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    We started having a few sleep problems starting 2 weeks ago, mostly with his second nap, not wanting to take it at all, and he woke up a few nights 1-2 hours after going to bed and played in his crib for 30 min to 1 hour before falling back asleep. 

    We sleep trained months ago, and stuck with it, now as of 2 days ago he seems to be back to his 2 naps, and not waking at night. 

    We used CIO with checks, following Ferber's book, same as we did for our first son.

    ETA- I would tell my husband to wear ear plugs while sleeping during the day if the baby was disturbing him, just an option!

  • I'm having the same problem with LO who is almost 9 months.  She is waking about 3 times during the night and will only take 1/2 hour naps.  I think I'm losing my mind.  I'm getting no sleep and no breaks during the day.  I heard putting them down the same times every day helps so we just started doing that.  Hopefully soon she will start sleeping more. 
  • I had it sooo easy when mine was a newborn. Not anymore! He has been having a hard time going to sleep most nights and then when he wakes up in the middle of the night it is taking an hour to get him calmed down and back to sleep again. Poor little bugger. I know he knows how to sleep. I wish I knew why he is having such a hard time now. I think I finally felt the very top of his first tooth so maybe that has something to do with it? Or just this stage of development since it seems like we are far from the only ones with this problem right now. 

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  • I think that must be it @rainbowminion, it seems like so many of our previously good sleepers are regressing! I can't wait for her to get over whatever developmental leap this is and go back to sleeping! 
  • I'm in the same boat. My little guy is almost 8 and a half months and he hasn't been sleeping well at all lately. he doesn't really wanna nap during the day. it takes over an hour to get him to fall asleep at night. and then he sleeps a solid 3-4 hours, but then wakes up every hour. we co sleep, so I nurse him back to sleep every time he wakes up until he finally makes me get up. but it's getting very exhausting. im wondering if maybe the co sleeping and nursing are just encouraging his bad sleep habits? either way, it's good to know that I'm not the only one with these problems.
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