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The Baby Whisperer

I am reading this book and it seems to align with my parenting philosophy the best out of all the 'sleep systems' I've seen. 
Has anyone used these techniques with success? If so, how is your LO sleeping now?
We were doing so well, but the last week or two LO has been waking and insisting on feeding 3x/night :(
I am tired.
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Re: The Baby Whisperer

  • I read this book when I first had my girl in January and I thought it made so much sense. But the reality was that it didn't really work for my baby. 

    I have always nursed my baby to sleep. We had a rough go of sleeping between 5 and 9 months and I had finally had it with getting no sleep and nursing all night. Two weeks ago we started the sleep lady shuffle, and now my baby goes to sleep on her own, is starting to be a decent napper for the first time in her life, and is only waking once overnight to eat. I personally couldn't close the door and let her cry it out alone, and the shuffle let me feel like I was still supporting and comforting her while also letting her learn how to sleep on her own. Our worst night was 30 minutes of intermittent crying.

    It might not be right for your family, but I highly recommend this method. Good luck! 
  • Sometimes it can be the right sleep training method and the wrong time. We tried modified CIO at 6 months and failed, but at 8 months it worked in two days. Good luck!
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  • I feel like you guys are not talking about the same book as I am. TBW is not cry it out. I am adamantly against CIO and had no interest in even entertaining the idea. 

    I ended up trying her strategies and we have come leaps and bounds in only two nights. Went from waking 3-6x or more per night with 2-3 nursing sessions to waking 1-2x with only one nursing session. I got to sleep 6 hours straight last night! That hasn't happened since before he was born!

    I am looking forward to seeing how much more success we will continue to see.

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  • Sorry if my post was unclear. TBW is definitely not CIO! I was saying that, like you, I knew CIO wasn't an option for us. We tried to use TBW methods but we could never implement her EASY plan, because the baby was always falling asleep on the breast. 

    That's great that you are having success with TBW! I think it's all about finding something you are comfortable with that works for your baby, and then sticking with it. Hope you are feeling like a new woman with 6 hours of sleep :)
  • I feel like we had a lot of success with TBW.  I initially used the methods around 12 weeks to help LO fall asleep on his own at night and for naps.  LO has been great at night since then. If you're having night wakings all of a sudden it could mean that your EASY schedule needs to be tweaked in some way. We had some motn and early wake-ups when LO was ready to move from 3 to 2 naps, tweaking our schedule to cut out the third nap fixed those.
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