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Baby impossible to change

 Is any one else's little one getting impossible to change.? The last couple of weeks she just does not want me to change her diaper. She used to be fidgety before but now she will not stay on her back for longer than two seconds and I can't seem to keep her laying there while I change her. It makes it especially difficult when she has a poopy diaper.  Has anybody found anyways to keep their child occupied while you change their diaper? I have tried everything 

Re: Baby impossible to change

  • Totally impossible. I dread when I have to change her diaper cause it's like a wrestling match. I also can't get her to stop grabbing her lady part while changing her! I tried everything to try to distract but it won't last for more than a minute. So no advice just right there with ya lol 
  • Its horrible. I had poop all over the wall the other day. Ughhh
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  • My LO was like this too, but I found giving him something small to hold on to distracts him enough to at least get the poo cleaned without a disaster! It doesn't have to be anything significant either, I usually end up handing him the syringes that come with advil/tylenol and they're just novel enough to keep him entertained. 
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  • Yes LO is like wrestling a greased alligator doing a death roll while changing clothes or diapers these days!!!
    I usually give her something she would never normally have so she is fascinated by it in order to buy me some time.
  • Oh Lordy I'm in the same boat. Usually my phone is good enough to distract long enough to get the worst of the poop. It's a disaster all the way around. I'm counting on it just being a phase.
  • Oh my, yes! Rolling everywhere, grabbing his feet or his boy parts, he just won't stay still! Sometimes giving him something novel to hold helps. The struggle is real!
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  • I'm pretty sure the neighbors think we're torturing DS multiple times a day based on the way he screams when we change his diaper.  If we have to change his outfit too, forget about it.
  • nackie said:
    I'm pretty sure the neighbors think we're torturing DS multiple times a day based on the way he screams when we change his diaper.  If we have to change his outfit too, forget about it.
    Sounds like us too! No matter what I give her she doesnt want it. She always wants something else. And if I give her that, she doesnt want it. Its endless! 
  • I give her an empty plastic Poland spring bottle to hold -- I actually do this during day nursing as well to stop her from being distracted. Or sometimes the tv remote or anything else that I would never let her have at any other time.
  • It is miserable! Def have that going on over here at every single diaper change. I also second giving something he doesn't usually get that's the only thing that works somewhat sometimes. We give him the tube of Vaseline or the little bottle of vitamin d drops something like that gets us maybe 10 seconds. 
  • We are in the same boat. She is fine until I lay her down, so I usually get her down to a diaper before we even hit the change pad, and then I change her sitting up as much as possible. The diaper change itself is always laying down but this way I can usually minimize that part to only a minute or two.
  • All day, every day (and let's be real, nights too). We play rock, paper, scissors around here and the loser changes the diaper, the other pins her down. But when I'm by myself, it's war. And clothes?! Why is it that once I'm putting her pants on, my child suddenly turns into an octopus? I have to put at least 8 different legs into pantlegs because as soon as I get one on, she pulls the other out. Also, shirt sleeves are absolutely the worst thing ever in her mind. She screams as if we were cutting her toes off one by one. 
  • I give him something small to play with, or small toys that sing and beep, we have a baby remote control that sings songs and has buttons that he doesn't get at any other time. It is usually pretty good for when I use the changing table, which is only half the time. The rest of the time we change on the floor and I pin him down with my leg and change as fast as possible. I am right handed, so I drape my left leg over his chest with my knee at his chest and apply just enough pressure to keep him from rolling over. Yes, he screams, yes he hates it, but until he gets through this phase, and it is a phase, this is what will happen. I had to do the same thing with my first. It will get better!
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  • Aaah the tortuous shirt sleeves!! He hates then so much. Just tonight, we put on his long sleeved pj top and my husband was like it's gonna be a long winter! (And we live in Houston, lol). I usually give him a small toy and sing during diaper changes which helps *sometimes* but it is mostly a wrestling match! Playing peek a boo helps sometimes too
  • For me, it's the damn snaps on the onesie. I can usually get her changed well enough by holding one leg and hip off the pad, but she's gotten so strong, she can lift herself completely off the pad with me holding that leg, and her doing a one-armed pushup. I, too, distract--usually by giving her something "forbidden," like the remote control. When it comes to those snaps, though, she is OFF! Half the time, I don't even bother with pants.
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