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Two-Year-Old Ring Bearer Suggestions

My two-year-old son is supposed to be the ring bearer in my sister's wedding in two weeks, so I thought I'd see if any of you had experience with this, and any suggestions for helping things to go smoothly.  He has already seen (and loves) his outfit, he adores the flower girl (who is 7), and his grandmother will be waiting to collect him on the front row when he walks down the aisle. He's really big for his age, walks/talks extremely well, and is potty trained. Thanks in advance! 

Re: Two-Year-Old Ring Bearer Suggestions

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    When my little was a flower girl, she was almost 2 1/2. The rehearsal  went well, the actual walk down the aisle.... She decided to try to shake hand with everyone on he way down! Daddy had to walk down halfway to get her! I was so embarrassed- but everyone afterwards was talking about how cute she was and what a good flower girl she was!  People cut little kiddos a lot of slack, and think almost anything they could do is adorable :)

    Some suggestions- if he won't be too upset about it, I'd put him in a diaper for the ceremony even though he's potty trained. We did. You never k ow how long they will actually have to go with the wait beforehand, and the ceremony, and pictures after. (Unless it won't be obvious if grandma takes him out during the ceremony if he needs it) 
    -lots of snacks!  Weddings are notorious for having long waits before food is actually available. We did ziplock a of Cheerios, which wouldn't make a mess if she got some on her dress. 
    -it will go a lot better if he can take a nap before the ceremony. (We didn't have this option as we had to be there hours before the wedding started, but take advantage of you do have that option!) 
    -have some shoes that are comfortable for him to wear at the reception, and maybe even a cute tux shirt with plain pants if his outfit has even the possibility of being uncomfortable, just so you have the option of changing him if he gets cranky about it. (Wish we had done this!) 
    -take so many picture ;). Kids in formal wear is pretty much adorable!!  
    Good luck and have fun!! 
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