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(Very Belated) Weekly Fitness Check In - 10.20

Hi all! Sorry, I've been so busy with work and dealing with our day care transition, I forgot to post!  In good news, I finally lost another pound.  I realized that since starting work on my new show I hadn't been getting nearly 10k steps (some days only 4-5k) so I increased that and had some success.  Hoping to lose one more pound by Monday, if that's possible!  My birthday is Sunday though, so we'll see - I may do some cake/wine celebrating.  :)  Regardless, feeling good!  Officially five pounds down since starting this check in!  Trying to get as much weight loss as possible under my belt before the holidays!

SW: 215
CW: 210
Mini goal - 199
Pre preg - 185
Long term goal 150

How are you all doing?

Re: (Very Belated) Weekly Fitness Check In - 10.20

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    Happy birthday @maureenmce! I love birthdays! I went to Zumba Monday night. It damn near killed me, but i miss zumba and my zumba pals. I've commited to going back at least once a week. I can't seem to shed any real weight. I need to exercise. I'm scared to cut calories anymore. I've had a huge dip in milk supply
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    Happy bday!

    Well I finally lost another pound. I haven't done much exercising other than trying to get at least 5k steps a day, which I am able to do most days. I've also cut back on my usual beer with dinner after LO is asleep. My goal for the next week is just to keep doing what I've been doing. 

    SW: 140
    CW: 134
    Goal: 120
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    SW: 193 (weight at my postpartum visit)
    CW: 164
    Mini goal - 150
    Long term: 140

    4 Pounds down from my last weigh in but somewhat certain it is partially due to having my period last week.  I ALWAYS gain several water weight pounds on my period.  But I was still super excited!

    I am officially 9 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight and feeling very inspired to kick ass this next week!!!
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