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When do you stop allowing children to see you nude?

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Is it different for a ds or dd?

Re: When do you stop allowing children to see you nude?

  • Right now my two-year-old son loves to hang out in the bathroom with me while I'm taking a shower (because he hates to be alone), but he's starting to ask questions and notice too much about my body, so he probably won't be doing this much longer :p. I guess it depends on how you feel about it. I mean, right now he's 2. He doesn't know much. If he was older, like school age, this wouldn't be happening at all. I wouldn't be comfortable with my school aged daughter seeing me naked either. That's just me though. 
  • Yeah reasonable enough.
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  • I agree, school age makes sense.  My DS sees me get dressed and will ask questions at times, but I don't mind that now.  He is learning, but when he is older, it is just not necessary.
  • Idk. I don't purposely strip in front of my 2 year old, but I don't avoid it just because he's there either. I want to teach him that it's ok to be comfortable in just your own skin, but to wear clothes in public. I'm not sure where the balance lies. So far the most awkward thing he ever says is simply "boobies," since we've talked about how mommy's boobies make baby's milk right now, just like they did for him when he was little. Other than that, he doesn't really comment on my nakedness. I just try to make it no big deal. I want both my boys to be comfortable in their own skin, but also semi familiar with a female body, and to be ok with all of it.

    Maybe I'm overthinking it. Idk. I just don't want them thinking that bodies are weird, or gross, or something to be ashamed of. The world will push them that way anyway, I want to be a better example. Maybe I'm crazy haha.

    Anyway, so I guess my answer is, we'll see. We'll play it by ear, and if he's getting mid-elementary and starting to notice things sexually, we'll definitely be done. Or if he's getting uncomfortable with it. I don't want either of those things. But otherwise I just won't let his presence or absence determine whether or not I get naked lol
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