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How many weeks were you before you delivered your twins

so my OB told me yesterday I can't go beyond 38 weeks. I'm currently 28 weeks and im measuring 31 weeks. I just wonder how long all you ladies went. Thanks 

Re: How many weeks were you before you delivered your twins

  • I was told i couldn't go passed 36 weeks with my identical twins. Water broke @ 30 weeks. Delivered @ 33 & 5. 
  • @vibarra27 I wonder if it's different if there not identical 
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  • yes, fraternal twins can go to 38 weeks. I delivered at 37+4
  • A little down is a thread with lots of answers. Look there for many responses. 

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  • I was 34 week and 1 day when I gave birth to my Identical twins... my planned  c-section was at 36 weeks. 

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  • Thanks ladies 
  • @ultratomato yes its different. My husbands best friends wife was pregnant with fraternal twins @ the same time i was and she gave birth @ 38 weeks. Its riskier with identical deom2 what doctors have told me.
  • Fraternal twins, we were told 38 weeks was the golden timeframe.  Unfortunately, I developed pretty eclampsia and delivered at 35w5d and they were in the nicu for 2 weeks. A lot can go crazy with any pregnancy, so I always suggest making sure the hospital you're set to deliver at, has a great nicu just in case.
  • My MFM said 38 weeks would be our cut off because survival rate in twins decreases after 38weeks. We made it to 37+2 and then had a C-section because they were getting so big (measured 7lbs14oz and 7lbs10oz on ultrasound, though in reality were a pound lighter each)
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  • Fraternal twins, 35 weeks 5 days, no NICU time and went home with us.
  • Fraternal twins - was induced at 38 + 2 and had them vaginally - both 7 lbs. I was wayyy out there! ;)
  • Di-Di boys, PPROM at 33+3, two weeks in NICU to feed and grow (5lb 11oz & 4lb 9oz).
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  • My twins are fraternal.   Babies 3 & 4 - repeat C-section 3.  I delivered as scheduled at 38+6.  I really didn't think I would make it that far but I don't think they would have ever made an appearance on their own!
  • Induced at 37 weeks with mono di girls 
    #1 born 8/21/14, #2 & 3 (identical) due 9/27/16

  • I had didi twins at exactly 35 weeks. I felt great and wanted to keep them in, but I developed sudden severe preeclampsia. The boys were in the Nicu for 10 hours and went home with us once I was released (5 days after giving birth).
  • I have fraternal twins b/g and needed a repeat c-section.  For Singletons our hospital does csections at 39 and twins 38.  I delivered by scheduled csection at 38+6  Our doctor just didn't want me to go into labor on my own.
  • I just had a csection on the 29th at exactly 38 weeks 
  • I made it to 39 weeks and 6 days.  
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  • My water broke at 31 weeks, tried to stop labor but delivered that night.
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  • SaranSaran
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    I had fraternal and went 39.5 weeks til my water broke.


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