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Quick contractions and slow progression

Hey everyone, I'm new here but wanted to post my story and see if anyone can relate.

I'm 5'4" and was 95lbs prepregnancy. My due date was suppose to be Aug 27th but my little girl came early. From the start I measured small, I didn't look pregnant for quite a while. It was a fairly easy pregnancy with minimal morning sickness, food adversion to meat, and lots of fatigue. I took classes with my husband to prepare for labor and birth but things didn't go the way it said they would. On August 15th I had a check up with my ob and depending on what she said I would let my family know when to head my way. All of my family live 4-5 hours away in other states so it would take time for them to drive and they wanted to help before I needed to go in. My doctor said I was still only 1cm dilated (as I had been for a week) but that I was more then 50% effaced and my membranes were very stripped. She told me I probably wouldn't make it to my next appt but she didn't expect me to go into labor in the next few days. I had only had a contraction once every few days so I told family to wait. My husband came home around 5 and I started having them maybe two an hour but they would disappear for a while so we thought they were just practice contractions. Around 8 I suddenly started getting them every couple minutes at various strengths. We called triage since it wasn't happening like classes said and we where concerned. They told us to come get checked to see if I was as in labor i was in labor. At 9 I was submitted with contractions every two minutes and 3cm dilated. I asked for a pain med through my iv because I didn't want an epidural but before I knew it the pain was back again. Now I'm used to having really bad painful period cramps but these were much worse and I couldn't get a brake to prepare myself for the next. As soon as one ended another would be right behind it. I gave in and decided to get the epidural because I couldn't relax enough to concentrate on breathing. The anesthesiologist had to stop a couple times to let the contractions pass. It was after midnight before family arrived and I wasn't progressing any. I had my water broken manually that morning to try to help things progress but by noon I was stuck again at 5cm. At this point my family thought I'd probably have to get a c-section since things weren't moving along. My nurse told me they were going to try the peanut ball and if that didn't work use induction medicine as the last attempt. I spent several more hours with a ball between my legs in the hope that my baby would come down more and I'd finish dilating. My contractions were starting to push past the epidural so they gave me a higher dosage before checking again. It was 6pm when they said I was ready to start the pushing phase. I couldn't feel my legs at all and they had to hold them up for me. I could barely feel when a contraction would come on so I also had the nurse telling me when it was time to push. After pushing a while my baby got the hiccups and the nurses were laughing because the head was crowning and every hiccup made it push out a little. At 6:30 my baby girl was born while she still had the hiccups, 6lbs 5oz 18 3/4inches long. My husband got to cut the cord and we held our baby as they gave me stitches for the 2nd degree tear.

Did anyone else have abnormal contractions and or a long labor?

Re: Quick contractions and slow progression

  • My 3rd labor was bizarre. I wasn't due until August 10, but started having mild contractions July 24, around 10 am. They continued throughout the day, never really gaining in intensity, but they did become more frequent. I just figured it was Braxton hicks. I called my mother and she came to my house, which turned out to be a good thing. Around 5 pm, I suddenly experienced a really hard and painful contraction, and I was advised by my midwife to meet her at the hospital. My contractions started coming quickly, and I was getting nauseated, as my mom drove us quickly to the hospital. When I was checked by the nurses, I was dilated to 9 centimeters, and within a half hour my son was born.  I didn't really think I was in true labor, until we started driving! LOL

    Weirdest labor ever. 
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