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Hump Day Bump Day 10/19


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  • Ladies you all are looking gorgeous! Too lazy to remind myself to take a pic each week. Maybe one of these weeks I'll remember to snap one in the AM given the first thing I do when I get home from work is take the bra off and get into comfy clothes!  :D lol 
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  • Oh wow, @Litzi, you've really been through the ringer!  I'm glad you're still pregnant, too!  Do you have to go to the doctor/be monitored pretty often now?
  • Sending you hugs, @Litzi ! I'm sorry it's been such a tough time for you so far and hope things are easier from now on. Please let us know how things go!
  • Sending you kind thoughts @Litzi !
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  • Oh gosh didn't mean to pressure you, @Litzi, sorry if I came across that way! Share as much as you want, and know that we're here for you for online support :)
  • @Litzi praying that baby stays in longer!
  • @MaryNog oh no i didn't feel like you pressured at all! i appreciate your support and everyone's kind words :)
  • @underthesea I definitely bought that shirt!
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  • @shlecka it's so comfy and oversized. I think it will be a perfect postpartum nursing shirt. 
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