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Belly button rings...what did/are you doing?

I've had my belly button pierced for 10 years now, and I love the look of the modest crystal I always have in. I know I'll have to take out the ring eventually soon, but when? For those of you who also have their belly buttons pierced, did you get one of those plastic rings for pregnancy so you can keep the piercing, or did you take yours out altogether? At what point did you take yours out? Thanks! This was one of those things I knew I had to face eventually, but now that my belly button is starting to stretch I know that my time is coming soon!
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Re: Belly button rings...what did/are you doing?

  • I took mine out when it became uncomfortable during my first pregnancy.  I did not put anything there and was still able to put my belly ring back in after delivery no problem.  I did the same thing during my second pregnancy and never put a ring back in.  I actually have stretch marks coming from the piercing site. Occasionally from time to time I see if the piercing is still open and I believe at last check it had finally closed up.
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  • I'm a FTM and I took mine out around 25 weeks. It was really starting to stretch and irritate me. The doctor and DH were on my case, but I needed to do it on my own time. It sounds so lame, but I really had a hard time with it. I felt like I was saying goodbye to such a huge part of my youth (I was 16 when I had it done). I had to accept it and realize there are such better things coming soon! ... although I'm still going to try and put it back in postpartum. I won't be upset if it does close though. 
  • I took mine out at the beginning of my first pregnancy and haven't put it back in could probably keep it in until it stretches too far but, I'm not sure. I was too scared to keep it in once my belly grew. 
  • I took mine out during my first pregnancy and never put it back in although I probably could. Ditto @ladysaceb about the lovey stretch mark coming directly from the piercing site.

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  • I was able to keep my normal piercing in the whole time my first pregnancy. That being said my belly button never popped out. I haven't even thought about taking it out yet this time around.
  • I took mine out during my first pregnancy. I'd had it since was 18 and it was just time. 
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  • I took mine out with my previous pregnancy and never put it back.. Now I wish I never had it because it's got a stretch mark and it looks weird now.  My belly button never popped out either but the skin over the piercing got really stretched.
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  • I took mine out about 7 weeks ago, it was just way too uncomfortable, I have been putting it in randomly for a very short time to try to keep the hole open in case I decide to put it back after baby. I got mine after I lost 70 lbs from eating better and working out, it was a "hey I finally feel good about myself type of thing", I'm hoping to be able to put it back but I probably won't until I feel good about where my weight is a few months after baby, if at all. DH says "moms don't havr belly button rings", but I  don't really care what he says about that haha.
  • I took mine out last pregnancy and haven't worn one since.  The skin on the top of the piercing was already thinning before I got pregnant and after all the stretching I really can't wear anything in there anymore.  I wish it would close tbh.

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  • I took mine out a couple of years ago, actually, but between that (which will never fully close I'm sure) and the scar from my laparoscopic appendectomy I'm so bummed at how it looks  :/
  • I took mine out with my first, 4 years ago, and never put it back, but it hasn't closed up.  I am also bummed with how weird it looks after 2 kids.  My son asks why I have 2 belly buttons. lol  If I could go back I would tell my 16 yo self that it was not the best idea. ;) @sweetyjenj, I would take it out now as keeping the bar in could make the stretch marks there worse.  If you have had it that long you probably don't need to worry about it closing up.
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  • I've had my out for 8 years. You can still see the 2 holes. I always make jokes that I'm going to have plastic surgery on my belly button when I'm done having kids. 
  • I took mine out before my first ultrasound so around 10-11 weeks pregnant. My friend kept hers in and it permanently inverted her belly button so I have no plans of putting anything on until after baby.
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