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Need advice: leave sick baby?

Hello all. My little guy woke up today sick for the first time-- congested, coughing, fever of 102.8. I've gotten suggestions from the pediatrician's office on how to keep him as comfortable as possible, but my question is this: should I leave him with my aunt tonight? She normally does dinner/bedtime with him on Tuesdays while my husband and I sing in our choir rehearsal. The trouble is, LO is not a fan of the bottle. The last few times my aunt has been here he has totally rejected it and has gone to bed upset and hungry, leading to more wakeups at night. My feeling is that he needs extra comfort and snuggles and nursing since he's not feeling well and that tonight would be a good night for me to stay home with him, but that may just be FTM + first time sick baby anxiety. Thoughts? Advice from those of you whose babies have been sick?

(One complicating factor is that our choir is small (11 people) and so each person/voice is really important. I have not missed a rehearsal in years (even when the baby was born! He was born on a Thursday and went to choir the following Tuesday). However, my husband just missed last week because my aunt wasn't available and we couldn't find anyone else to watch David. I don't want to start a trend of missing rehearsal a lot.)

Suggestions appreciated!

Re: Need advice: leave sick baby?

  • Sick baby trumps choir rehearsal. I wouldn't leave a poor ducky who already has trouble going down for others. It's miserable for all involved... Hope he gets better soon!
  • I don't  think I would leave him either. Go with your gut that he needs extra snuggles while not feeling well. You're only missing this one rehearsal so try not to stress it that much! Hope the little guy is better soon. 
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  • I'd stay home also!! Your little guy needs you and nursing will definitely be of comfort to him. Hope he feels better soon!!!
  • I'd stay home too! I mean, I'm sure everything would end up fine if you leave him, but I say go with your gut. Snuggles and nursing is going to help your LO, and fluids right now are especially important, so try not to miss any feedings. My LO is sick right now too and refuses the bottle, and I've been nursing a lot more because she needs the snugs and fluids I think. 
  • I am going to stay home! Thanks for the understanding and advice. 
  • I would be making the decision to stay home too for all the reasons above. Hope your little one starts feeling better ASAP! 
  • I would stay home. 
    Knowing me, my mind wouldn't be in rehearsals anyway and I'd be miserable without my LO. 

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