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Would you take your LO to a college football game?

DH and I have tickets for an upcoming college football game. LO will be 3.5months old. Tickets are in the upper decks so it won't be as loud as down below (and we have those noise cancelling baby headphones). It starts at 2:30pm so her bedtime routine won't be affected. She's just a bit too small for the ergo still (without an infant insert) so I'd put her in my sollybaby wrap. I'm really on the fence on this one.  Thanks for your opinions!

Re: Would you take your LO to a college football game?

  • I took LO to a baseball game at 5 months and it was horrible. He cried the entire time. It was past his bedtime and it was too hot to wear him in the ergo and for him to wear the head phones. We were getting heckled by people around us. But I will say the nursing room was awesome!!! (Be sure to ask if you breastfeed!)
    I think if he had been younger (before the sleep regression), he would have been 100% perfect. But after that regression he lost his ability to fall asleep anywhere and he is just now finally learning to do it again.
    so I guess my advice is be ready for anything!! But as long as baby hasn't hit the regression yet, my guess it is will be fine! Good luck!
  • I'd bring the LO. My guy would fall asleep anywhere at that age. 
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  • My sister-in-law and brother took my nephew to a game and he was fine. Each baby is different so the best way to know if you should / can is to bring him and see what happens.
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  • We took DD to a MLB game at 2 months.  It was kind of miserable.  I had her in the Moby but there were so many noises and it was just overwhelming for her.  Noise-cancelling headphones are a great idea, if you LO can keep them on!   I would just go into the game having low expectations and prepare for diaper blow-outs, feedings and if your baby gets fussy you can always leave!  Of course, having a baby sitter would make the game overall more enjoyable for you and your husband!
  • Thanks everyone! After telling hubby that if we brought her we might have to leave early, he immediately opted for a babysitter haha :smiley: My parents are more than happy to spend the day with her though! Maybe next year we'll be able to bring her...
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