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Living in a townhouse, first pregnancy and it's triplets!

Hello!  First time poster here!

We found out a few weeks ago that we are having triplets.  Triplets have led me to a lot of reading and a lot research, especially when it comes to how many of each item we really need and my SIL knows I will not be going full term so she is already beginning to plan for a January shower to have it mostly planned before the holidays.  With those reasons combined I have already started my registry.  

I noticed there is a place to put a message to family and friends and while I am able to write wonderful words of appreciation, how can I politely ask that we do not receive any large items that are not registered for?  I would never write that, but that is the gist I am leaning towards.  We live in a garageless townhouse with our dog and soon to be three babies.  We have some walk in closet space designated for kid storage and are rearranging our living room so half is a small couch and TV and the other half is designated for the kids.  Large bouncers, swings, etc may not have much room in our place for us to not feel suffocated or tripping over all of our other essentials.  Any suggestions on how to word it? 

Thank you!

Re: Living in a townhouse, first pregnancy and it's triplets!

  • Thanks.  I guess.  We have a lot of family members who have kids already and some grandparents and other members tend to find large items at places like Ross, or "I know it wasn't on your registry but..." and buy it anyway.  I'd like a disclaimer for that.  
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  • Agree with all PPs. Register for what you want, but graciously accept and return anything that is too big or you don't need. No need for a note on your registry.
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  • I agree with others above.  You can't control what people decide to buy you for a shower gift.  That being said, people will understand if you get an item that doesn't work for you and you return it and use that money to buy something you really need.  People expect this with a shower.  Most people want to get you things you will actually use.

    In your case, you get even more of a "pass" on returning gifts and replacing them with other stuff because triplets is kind of a big deal.  People will be even more willing to cut you slack if you exchange their gift because there will be some items you'll need a LOT of and some that you can get by with a single one, even though you're having three babies!

    Congrats, relax, and enjoy!
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  • I agree, just be selective about what you put on your registry. Almost all of the big stores people will shop at are good about returns and exchanges, so I just wouldn't stress about it right now. If you get things you don't need/want just return it for store credit, or sell it (my area has a HUGE online Facebook yardsale groups).
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