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Risk for baby after too many ultrasounds

Hi ladies,
a friend of mine recently told me about recent studies telling that more than 4 u/s during pregnancy imply risks for the baby. I still don't get the reference for that friend, but I have found other articles sharing that concern: http://www.wsj.com/articles/pregnant-women-get-more-ultrasounds-without-clear-medical-need-1437141219

What do you think? Any of your ob/gyn agreeing with that? Do you think the risk worth it?

Re: Risk for baby after too many ultrasounds

  • Well, I was pretty high risk with my oldest. I had well over 100 ultrasounds....not even exaggerating. She's just fine. 
  • I'm not going to bother reading the article because I don't want to end up worrying myself. I already had 2 ultrasounds and know there were definitely be at least two more. Not good for a PGAL brain or anybody who gets worried easily.

    FWIW, I had 3 with DD and she's just fine. Just driving me a little crazy today but I think that's normal.

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  • Well I had 20+ ultrasounds with my twins and I've already had 7 this pregnancy, all administered by physicians. 

    I was was also told by my OB that there has not been any clear evidence on the effects of frequent ultrasounds and harm to the baby.

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  • I've had 6 high risk pregnancies.  I've never counted the number of ultrasounds but I guarantee I've had more than my share, as anyone who is/was high risk will attest.  The MFM's never seem to be worried about the number of us's.  My 10 year old seems to have his brain fried, I think that's more to do with being 10 than any us, he was fine for the first 9 years!  
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  • My daughter was breach and I was high-risk with other factors.  I had more than 4 u/s and she's totally fine.  My doctor never cautioned against them at all and they were able to gather a lot of useful info from them.

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  • My doctor provided an article in her prenatal handbook advising against optional, "keepsake" ultrasounds. It is attached. If the ultrasounds are medically necessary, I wouldn't worry. For example, I had one last week and another is scheduled in a few weeks to keep an eye on ovarian cysts. 
  • Very interesting! Thank you for sharing!

    clebl24 said:

  • Interesting but no one needs something else to worry about. I wouldn't give this a second thought. 

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  • I had 3 so far to check up on my cyst. I asked if I should be concerned and if so many could be harmful to the baby so early on, but my ob said that it is fine and he was not worried at all. He's been head of the department for over 20 years and has always been very honest with me so I believe and trust him.
  • I had 6 with DD. All medically mandated. So it's hard to really know where the line is at. What is too many if the doctor keeps wanting to check on baby for different reasons? I agree that this is not something else to be worrying about. 
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  • I've only heard of possible damage to hearing as the ultrasound makes the image possible with sound waves. Didn't read article. I know that the 3d ones are very high powered and not recommended more than once for hearing protection. If a dr feels it's necessary to check let's say you suddenly stop measuring properly after your 20 week one of course they are gonna check inside w ultrasound without a second thought the risk is nothing compared to the gain in that situation 
  • Just what I need! Another thing to worry about.. haha
    Because of all my previous miscarriages my doctor is keeping a close eye and I've already had three and one scheduled next week!!
  • I had several in my last pregnancy to monitor for pre-e and my son is perfectly healthy. I honestly don't question it if they are necessary to know the health of my baby. 
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  • I've already had 3 u/s so far at 8w3d and likely 1 a week due to an SCH and until that is resolved they will keep monitoring.  But hooray for another thing to worry about!
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  • I just stumbled upon this thread and love all of the science as well as the reaction to it!

    My first thought, without reading the article (so take it with a grain of salt), was the same as @Squirtgun -- people who have lots of ultrasounds usually need them more than people who don't, for other reasons that might put their pregnancies at risk. That said, I did read the scanned in article here from @clebl24 and the science dump from @mdlorenz . It's not necessarily a non-issue, but also not something to worry ourselves about. Just get the ultrasounds you need and no more.

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  • @NotAPlaya-JustCrushAlot that Jesse Pinkman gif is perfection!
  • I love this thread.  My general non-exempt medical opinion is that it's still relatively new so I'm not going to run out and get a dozen ultrasounds from some dude in a mall (not that we have that here and I've never personally seen one, so it still boggles my mind that they exist), but if my doctor wants to do an u/s for diagnostic purposes, I'm all in.  I did say no to optional scans and should only have two (dating and a/s) unless something comes up.

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  • I've definitely heard this subject come up when my girlfriend's were both pregnant last year.

    Being the person that I am, I will not be reading the article, and freak myself out. **Sorry :)

    I will agree with @JCWhitey , I will get US through my trusted doc. lol

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