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2nd Trimester

Forget food aversions, my whole diet has changed.

Hi everyone, 

I'm currently 12w2d and feel like there is no end in sight to the nausea and food aversions in this pregnancy. Due to pre-diabetes, I used to eat a meat, egg and veggie rich diet before pregnancy. Now it seems like the only food I can tolerate is bread, potatoes and fruit. I used to eat a dozen eggs a week myself and now the thought of them just completely turns my stomach. 

This all has me concerned because I really don't want to develop gestational diabetes and my plans of healthy diet have gone out the window. The good news for now, is that I have lost 6 lbs so far this pregnancy (limit of 10 to gain) and while taking metformin, my A1C was down .2 on my latest labs. I just have this feeling that eventually this bad eating will catch up to me.

Has anyone else been in this position?  

Re: Forget food aversions, my whole diet has changed.

  • Yes, many of us have been. I lived on bread and cup of noodles until 20 weeks pregnant. I was sick the entire time. However, my experience isn't the same as yours, and you could be sick the whole time or you could feel better tomorrow. Basically it comes down to the fact that you have to eat something and you can't feel bad if ge healthier stuff makes you sick. You have to do what you can and move on. It can always change and maybe in a few weeks you'll only be able to tolerate the foods you previously ate. You never know
  • Same thing here.  I am living on pizza and doughnuts.  I am still trying to get in fruit and vegs *in addition* to the unhealthy food.  Please dont worry about it, it is not that easy to develop GD! the bad eating doesnt catch up on you that fast.  just do your best, find a healthy food or two that you can also eat - for me, it's carrots.  I never ate raw carrots before, now every day twice, love them, and they ease up my nausea.  I cannot stand avocados now (my previous favourite veg).  Try to eat a whole orange every day if you can - that one is a superfood and helps with any constipation.... good luck! and do enjoy that carb load - quite obviously that is what your baby needs!!!!!
    Me:  35 year old FTM, a busy city banker living in London, and a constant worrier. 
    My DH:  French guy, car fanatic, best husband ever.  
    Our baby boy:  Due on 17 April, currently 37 weeks.  I can't believe it - I made it to full term!!!! 
    Last measurement:  3150 gs at 37+1!  This is going to be a big baby :)
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  • Do you have PCOS or DM? Congratulations on the weight loss if intentional or helpful to you and your pregnancy.
    I completely understand. I have lean PCOS and so I'm worried about everything (higher risk of miscarriage.) I started at a small weight, but have gained quickly. My diet has changed 100%. I liked sweet things, ate very healthy, no processed foods, wholesome and plant-based. Now, I can barely eat anything that hasn't been sitting in plastic for some time and processed by a machine. A nightmare.

    But, you're/we're still early in pregnancy. I think as long as you are open with OB about your diet. You can keep a food log and bring it to your next appointment. Make sure you're taking a good prenatal and plenty of water. As for food, do your best but don't be too hard on yourself. Stressing about it isn't good either. Things may change in another month or so. Keep conscious of what you're eating, and remember baby takes from you what it needs. You're the one who gets depleted.
  • I SO relate to this. I was vegetarian for 5 years, but started eating poultry and fish again when I started trying. So I've always maintained a very healthy diet, I mean a usual meal in our house is grilled chicken, a grain, and a veggie. I haven't eaten fast food since having killer hangovers in college, and now it's all I crave. I've slowly been weaning myself of the crap food and trying to reintroduce crunchy, bland veggies back into my diet (anything remotely soft or slimy makes me gag). 

    Maybe starting with cucumbers, baby carrots, and apples? That's where I'm at right now, just grazing on those as much as I can. Trying to slowly get back to eating like a normal grownup, but the aversions are by far the worst symptom I'm having right now. 
  • Jayandaplus, I do have PCOS and insulin resistance. Thankfully about 17 weeks my stomach started behaving and it's much easier to eat healthy now. I was 19 weeks at my appointment yesterday and a baby was measuring 19w1d, so doctor said that's darn near perfect! Up about 3 lbs but I blame that on lots of eating out after a busy week and lower than usual water intake. 
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